Life’s a Journey

What defines a journey? The simple answer is that it’s the act of going from one place to another. Even something as mundane as your commute to work is a journey. However, the word journey is far more evocative than that; it speaks of new lands and new experiences, connections made and challenges undertaken.

A journey, naturally, has a start point and an end point and, like the narrative of a good book, it needs a climax, something that you are travelling towards. And, as in a book, between the beginning and the end, a transformation takes place.

You may start at the sea and cross over mountains, or wind your way through arable pasture, into vineyards and alongside rivers. The changes in the scenery make you aware of the distance travelled.

A journey by bike allows you to travel at a pace that gives you time to absorb the changes
in landscape and fully experience them. With time for your senses to engage, you get a true sense of place. You will remember Provence for the smell of lavender as much as for the sight of rolling purple covered hills. When you recall your trip to Cuba, it will be the sound of music in the streets and taste of mojitos as much as the scenery.

Riding a bike allows you to be both a slow moving observer and put you into the heart of the action. It gives you chance to talk and chat to people along the way, and a bike is a great conversation starter! Pull up in a small village, pretty much anywhere in the world, and prop your bike up while you have a snack. You won’t have long to wait before someone comes over to ask where you have been and where you are going. Even if only vicariously they’ll want a taste of your adventure. Everyone is fascinated by a journey.

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