Boost kids skills on the bikes


Back to school blues? Get ready for a family cycling holiday…
If you’re sad that the summer is over, fear not, the fun is only just beginning! Boost your kids cycling skills this autumn and take advantage of their daily commute to school. Here are 3 tips to get you started and keep the little ones fit and smiling up until October Half Term:

  1. Plan the route
    Planning the route you’ll take to school is a must if you want to avoid any unwanted stress. Make sure you map out a cycling route taking in as many cycle paths/ park routes as you can find along the way. Remember to keep the journey as safe and fun as possible and check out the friendly folks at Sustrans for more helpful advice.
  2. Get them kitted out
    A helmet and bright waterproof are essential items that will ensure your little ones are protected from the big, wide world! The Little Bike Company have lots of inspiring goodies that will keep them smiling on two wheels.
  3. Learn the laws of the road
    Get the kids clued up on the Highway Code to boost their road awareness knowledge – a great way to build their cycling confidence on the roads. Children can learn to ride safely through Bikeability, which offers cycling training both at school and on an individual basis.

Looking to put your cycling skills to the test?
Join us this October for a cycling holiday with the whole family! Our two-wheeled options include everything from a guided tour of Sardinia’s beautiful beaches to self-guided routes in France and Spain.

Explore the exotic in 2017


Forget the bleak mid-winter and escape the cold on one of our popular exotic adventures! All of our early season cycling getaways featured below are guaranteed departures and filling up fast, so don’t be shy now…

  • Best for: The chance to cycle pre-historic looking landscapes.
    Trip: The Lake District, Chile & Argentina.
    You say: The Chilean/Argentinian Lake District has one of the most beautiful, diverse and unspoilt sceneries in the world’ Dagmar, Devon.
  • Best for: Close-up encounters with extraordinary jungle wildlife.
    Trip: Volcanes y Playas
    , Costa Rica.
    You say:The only disturbance to the early morning calm was the thud of an iguana falling out of a tree’ Mike, Warwickshire.
  • Best for: Vibrant culture & world-renowned food.
    Trip: Mountains & Coast
    , Vietnam.
    You say: This was a magical journey and the routes were well planned’ Karen, London.
  • Best for: A completely unique insight into Caribbean way of life.
    Trip: Cuban Revolutions
    , Cuba.
    You say: ‘A great trip which goes all over the island. It was interesting to see places off the beaten track.’ Frank, Portsmouth.

Guide Profile: Jayne Cunningham


Whose that girl…it’s JAYNE! Hailing from Yorkshire our newest member to join the Skedaddle squad is a friendly and vivacious character who has already got some of our best-loved UK trips under her wheels.  We thought we’d squeeze ourselves into her busy schedule and find out a little bit more about her cycling credentials…

  1. You’re new to the Skedaddle team this year, so a few Skedaddlers won’t have met you yet. Can you tell us a little bit more about your experience so far guiding for Skedaddle?

    Yes, I am one of Skedaddle’s newest guides, and only started my training in february 2016. Once fully  prepped in the ways of Skedaddle, I then started guiding trips in April/March this year. There’s been loads to learn. The trips that I started with were weekend holidays, (very sensible to suss out the new talent), I have also supported trips, which means driving the routes, and aiding the riders en route. I found these trips really helpful as a stepping stone into guiding,  and now I feel pretty confident assisting and leading tours. My first BIG tour was the Land’s end to John 0’Groats tour which really was a life changing experience. I knew I liked guiding, but the idea of being away in a group for two weeks plus is something i’ve always wished to experience and I absolutely loved it! I’m totally addicted to guiding now and raring for more.

  2. What’s your favourite thing about being a guide for Saddle Skedaddle?
    I think it has to be the people/team that make Skedaddle what it is, as well as the company culture. The training we receive is pretty amazing and I love our team Kit too.

  3.  Can you share your best pre-trip advice?
    Riding your bike is the only prep you need. If you’re brining your own bike along on a trip a once over my a trusted mechanic beforehand is always a good shout ( a thorough clean, check and replacement of any parts/ cables) will mean you’ll be in the best stead possible for your tour.

  4. What keeps you going in the saddle?
    Bananas every time! Comes in it’s own handy packaging,  universally available and slow release sugars means it is the food of champions in my books.

  5. Which trip in our range makes you want to hop on a bike and get cycling right away?
    The Land’s End to John Œ0’Groats trip this year, which was on my ultimate wish list, and I’m still buzzing from it to be honest. Other than that, any trip that takes me to the mountains, and, the Peru- Andes to Amazon looks pretty awesome too!!

  6.  If you had a superpower on tour, what would it be?
    Well, wouldn’t  life be so much simpler if I was a mind reader!

  7. What can’t you be without on a cycling trip?
    Oooooh, I’ve got a few items!  Not meaning to state the obvious, but my own bike is essential.  I’m also a massive coffee addict so won’t be found without my AeroPress and favourite coffee.

Going for gold…

Having completed the epic Land’s End to John O’Groats tour this summer, Jayne wrote up a fantastic blog about her experience cycling 1,000 miles. Click here to read her fantastic write up.


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