Top tips: Fuel your ride


Stay fuelled on the bikes with our latest top tips from the people who know best, our guides.

Cycling is an exercise, which requires food to keep you fuelled, fact. Whilst we all love a cake and coffee stop (a cheeky espresso is a great get-up-and-go remedy!) we recognise that sometimes pulling over mid-ride isn’t always practical.

So, we thought we’d catch up with our team of experts on the bikes to find out which power snacks they rate, for that all-important energy kick. So, here are their top snacks to stuff in your back jersey pocket:

For the love of bananas….

‘I love bananas because they’re a natural source of energy and come in their own packaging – nutritious and practical!’ Tim Carpenter, Nm. 1 Banana advocate.

‘My favourite power snack has to be a banana, when they have left my pocket I feel lighter and STRONGER!’ Stephen Watson, Always the optimist.

‘Easy to pack, bio-degradable, can buy in most places and help stop post-ride cramping – what more could you want!’ Jayne Cunningham, New female guide on the block.


Delicious alternatives…

‘You can’t beat a Malt loaf! Don’t forget to pack one if you’re heading out to Spain…’ Dan Hirst, Spanish head honcho.

‘Haribo – any day of the week. They may be small but that’s just a great excuse to enjoy a few more on your ride’ Dan Smith, Mr youth of today.

 And a few final wise words….

‘Avoid power snack substitutes. I’m a big believer in eating and drinking proper food…but I wouldn’t turn down a snickers!’ Richard Blackmore, The snicker fiend.

The verdict? Grab yourself a banana and get a healthy boost, packed full of benefits.

Of course, if you’re worried about keeping fuelled on the bikes, you can always join one of our guided cycling holidays. Our team of guides will be on hand with plenty of snacks (and our world-famous picnics) ready to keep you fighting fit and feeling suitably fed. Click here to see our full range of guided tours.

3 journeys to tick of your bucket-list


If you’re eager to extend the summer cycling fun, it’s time to check out our top 3 guided holidays this autumn, all of which feature highly on our travel bucket list…

  1. Best for: The ultimate historical adventure packed full of rewarding challenges.
    Trip: Camino de Santiago, Spain. What to expect: For a holiday that will give you an amazing sense of achievement, this is the tour for you! A unique opportunity to tick off a bucket-list journey and explore a lesser-known part of Spain.
  2. Best for: Lip-smacking Mediterranean meals and white sandy beaches.
    Trip: Island Flavours, Sardinia. What to expect:Food, glorious food! Sardinia’s cuisine has plenty to get excited about and our journey explores everything from local wineries to olive oil mills. When you’ve eaten your fill, there will be plenty of unspoilt beaches to enjoy an afternoon nap on too!
  3. Best for: Otherworldly landscapes without the exotic postcode.
    Trip: Islands and Volcanoes, Azores. What to expect: The aptly named ‘Hawaii of Europe’ has a lot to get excited about. Whales, waterfalls, and lush emerald lagoons all combine for a totally unique cycling experience, immersing you in landscapes like no other in our holiday range.

5 reasons to book a festive cycling adventure


Enjoy a festive shake-up and make the most of your extended holiday with our exciting Christmas departures! Need a little more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you won’t regret joining us for some extra-special cycling fun later this year:

  1. Your chance to totally escape.
    We say: If the thought of spending your holiday with distant family fills you with dread, our festive journeys abroad are for you! For sheer escapism, we recommend heading up high and taking on the Sensational Sierra Nevada.
  2. A sunny wonderland is guaranteed.
    We say:
    Can’t stand the cold, wet winter? With festive destinations based in the Mediterranean and Central/South America, you’ll have plenty of chance to soak up some vitamin D.
  3. Enjoy a festive feast with a twist.
    We say: Time to trade the traditional turkey in and gorge on holiday food instead! Try Los Pueblos Blancos for classic Spanish tapas, or Road Atlas for vibrant palate quenchers.
  4. Coastal vistas>the Queen’s speech.
    We say: We’d take panoramic views of Portugal’s Atlantic Coast and a palm-fringed Costa Rican beach, over an afternoon in front of the TV, any day.
  5. A rewarding way to kick-start your new years resolutions.
    We say:
    Never mind seeing in the New Year nursing a horrendous hangover! Blow away the cobwebs and seize 2017 by the handlebars with an amazing cycle ride, both our Chile trips, Lake District Explorer and Lake District offer the opportunity for a New Year ride.

Feeling inspired?
To see our full range of festive cycling holiday click here.

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