3 bike rides you don’t want to miss

Who said the best biking happened in summer? Take a closer look at our top autumn biking journeys, which promise all the usual epic scenery, technical trails and our great guiding team too. For those eager to escape, you can’t go wrong with these 3 epic bucket list tours…

1. Roman Trails, Portugal
We say: Taking you from the dramatic North of Portugal to the plains of the South, there is no scarcity of varied terrain. Prepare for natural trails promise to keep you tested on this incredible journey.
You say: ‘I wanted a challenge and a challenge I got – a great holiday!’ Natasha, London.

2. South Africa and Botswana
We say: Combine technical riding fun with the opportunity to spot impressive African wildlife and you have a cocktail of epic biking experiences up for grabs.
You say: ‘2 giraffes not 30 yards away posing for us, I come out in goose bumps thinking about it.’ Liz, Derby.

3. Atlas to Desert, Morocco
We say: The mighty Moroccan mountains offer bikers something quite different to what they’re used to – one of the most unspoilt mountain ranges anywhere in the world!
You say: ‘I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for an unforgettable cycling holiday!’ Jason, UK.