A cycling classic! Two wheels in Tuscany

With its quaint medieval towns, intoxicatingly tasty local fare and some of the most idyllic scenery you’ll encounter in Italy, it’s little wonder Tuscany is a must-visit destination. Now, imagine pedalling through these perfectly manicured landscapes, soaking up all the stunning sights and sounds on offer! Need more convincing? Time to read on…

You say:
“This was the first time we had done a cycling holiday and having visited Tuscany before we thought this would be a great way to explore. I can honestly say we were not disappointed! The routes took us through some fantastic countryside and we stayed in a variety of towns that gave us a great experience of what Tuscany has to offer.” Alison on Pisa to Florence

The Telegraph say:
“Beneath a cloudless sky, Tuscany is a picture: the fields not yet cut and dried, but spring green and ablaze with poppies. Cypresses line the road and prick the skyline in a landscape lifted from a Renaissance painting.” Adam Ruck, ‘How to tackle the most beautiful cycling route in Italy’ (Feb, 2018)

Our guides say:
“Welcome to Tuscany – lots of rural winding roads and cheeky climbs! You’ll ride through many beautiful old towns which were all built on picturesque hilltops. But this is leisure cycling, so our day always starts with a relaxed and delicious Tuscan buffet.” Cristina on the Via Francigena (Tuscany to Rome)

All roads lead to…
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