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Staff Pick: Biking in Burma

Forget the spiritual home of cycling (sorry, France!) and say hello to the spiritual land of Burma, a destination where temples greet you at every turn. Having packed our head honcho, Andrew Straw, off to explore by bike last year, here are a few of his unexpected discoveries en route

1. The legend behind the impressive Pindaya caves
With 8,000 Buddha statues stashed within its limestone walls, jumping off your saddle at Pindaya is a must! Locals claim this is named after a monster spider attempted to trap seven princesses within. A prince then shot dead the spider claiming “pingu-ya” (the spider is dead) and so the cave was aptly named.

2. Diamond mangos are the tastiest
A native fruit of South East Asia, this juicy treat has become a big part of culture in Burma. With over 100 varieties, you’ve many to try but my favourite has to be the diamond mangos, known locally as Sein Ta Lone, it’s a great refreshment post-ride.

3. I’ve heard of Blue Nun the dreadful 80’s white wine, but never pink nuns
300,000 Buddhist monks call Burma home and 20,000 of these are females dressed all in pink, rather than the classic orange robes that you may be more familiar with. These friendly souls are usually very happy to chat to travellers passing through!

by Andrew Straw
(Co-Founder & Cycling Adventure Product Manager)


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Seasonal cycling: Where to go when

Make the most of the seasons this year! Don’t miss our recommended guaranteed departures in Europe, where there is a stupendous season for every cyclist to enjoy…

Best for: Spring
We say: Riding alongside blooming wildflowers will be a common occurrence across Europe. Expect warm and pleasant conditions, but pack your mack, just incase.
Trip Recommendations: Ruta de la Plata (MTB),  Corsica Southern Secrets (Road) & Alnmouth (Leisure)

Best for: Summer
We say: The most popular season for a cycle ride has plenty to offer those eager to get away. A great time to experience lashings of vitamin D, as well as refreshing post-ride dips to cool off.
Trip Recommendations: La Via Claudia (Leisure), Lake District Bike Skills (Family) & Ruta del Vino (Road) 

Seasonal cycling in: Autumn
We say: Who said the cycling fun was over? Escape the summer crowds and experience late season sun on your bike when you choose to travel later in the year.
Trip Recommendations: Italy Grand Traverse (Road), Portugal Roman Trails (MTB) & Granada to Seville (Leisure)

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School’s out, summer cycling’s in…

Summer is the perfect time for a family cycle, but don’t take our word for it! Here are our top 5 family trips which have been tried, tested and loved by Skedaddlers:

1. Where: Northern Spain | Trip: Asturian Coastal Ride | You say: ‘Beautiful coastline, friendly hotels and lots of safe cycling tracks. Each cycle was interesting and accompanied by great beaches!’ Judith, West Lothian, Scotland

2. Where: Austria | Trip: Tyrolean Valleys | You say:‘We enjoyed every day of cycling and it was a real sense of achievement cycling to Innsbruck. The girls also loved the swimming pool and the play room.’ Steven, Perth, Australia

3. Where: Germany, Austria and Switzerland | Trip: Lake Constance | You say: ‘This was a great family holiday, the children both really enjoyed themselves, especially the swimming in the lake! The hotel in Lindau was amazing too.’ Becky, Bristol, UK

4. Where: UK | Trip: Hadrian’s Cycleway | You say:‘We had amazing weather and enjoyed each day cycling along beautiful scenery. Our tour leader was so friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.’ Emilie, New Jersey, UK

5. Where: France | Trip: Puisaye Paradise | You say:  ‘This provided the perfect mix of activities for us – the Chateau Guedelon was excellent and rope course was also excellent for all ages too.’  Sarah Wilson, West Yorkshire, UK