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News about events that Saddle Skedaddle are taking part in / supporting in the UK

Saddle up for Hadrian’s Wall!

2017 is a year full of events for Hadrian’s Wall, which is hosting a major exhibition celebrating the cavalry regiments that once guarded the North West frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. The exhibition will take place from April to September and is packed with memorable events and remarkable sights along the iconic 73-mile Wall. There’s clearly never been a better year to explore this impressive British gem by bike…


Why visit now?
To visit this spectacular monument is always a good idea, but this year it can be a totally unique experience, with lots to help bring this ancient masterpiece back to life. This year Hadrian’s Wall celebrates its 30th anniversary as a Unesco World Heritage Site and the Cavalry Exhibition will shed light on the importance of the cavalry forces which were stationed here and their role during the time of Imperial Rome.

Travel back in time…
Cavalry regiments recruited from across the Roman Empire were the backbone of the frontier garrison. These elite troops protected Rome’s north west frontier and projected imperial power. This major Wall-wide exhibition, spread across 10 museums over the 150-mile-long World Heritage Site, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the role and daily life of cavalry soldiers. Each site has its own special exhibition and objects including ornate helmets, armour and weapons on loan from national and international museums, shown alongside items from Hadrian’s Wall.’ You can read more about the events programme by clicking here.

As seen in the press…
‘Hadrian’s Cavalry, a six-month exhibition along the length of Hadrian’s Wall, opens this April. Full of original cavalry objects including ornate helmets, armour and weapons, it’s a split between ten museums and attractions and one of the best ways to see it is on two wheels along Hadrian’s Cycleway. Saddle Skedaddle has three, four or six-days family cycling holidays along Hadrian’s Cycleway. All trips include accommodation, transfers and full tour service or detailed trip notes.’ The Times Newspaper.


Bike is the way to go…
With us you can explore the exhibition and follow in the footsteps of Roman soldiers on two wheels, whilst experiencing some of the rich heritage that Cumbria and Northumberland have to offer along the way. This is a varied cycle route with some beautiful landscapes to soak up from the saddle, if that wasn’t enough we offer a great range of options, to suit all levels of cyclists. To find out more about our Hadrian’s Cycleway holidays click here.

Conquer the Fred Whitton Challenge this year


At 112 miles, the Fred Whitton Challenge is not for the faint hearted. Featuring some of the Lake District’s most spectacular peaks, riders face everything from Honister, Newlands, Whinlatter, Hardknott and Wrynose! With Britain’s premier cycle sportive fast approaching, we asked our guide Isobel Riley to share her experience taking on the UK’s toughest road cycling challenge last year…

Fred Whitton Challenge in Lake District

‘Tackling the Fred Whitton route is a true personal challenge, each climb testing your legs and lungs in true Lake District fashion.  For me, a few special places en route stand out:

  • Kirkstone Pass, first of the big ones, sets you up for the day to come and even has a downhill section mid-climb. Once at the top it’s ‘one down, 5 to go…I can do this’
  • Ascending Honister Pass is the first real test maxing out at around 30% – try to hold on here – breathing also helps!  After this beast you are rewarded with a stunning, rolling road skirting Buttermere. This is my favourite valley in the Lakes, remote and picturesque.  Enjoy it while you can before being rudely launched up another biggy: Newlands Pass.
  • The final two bumps, Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass, are a true test of grit and determination.  Cycling down Eskdale valley, Hardknott looming ahead like a wall of windy tarmac, and with a mixed sense of excitement and trepidation, there is nowhere to hide. The only way is up as they say. The first time I conquered this ‘nemesis’ I actually shed a few tears, before jubilantly making my way down the technical, steep descents into the fast, rolling Little Langdale valley.

The Fred Whitton sportive is recognised as the most iconic cycling event in the country attracting riders from all over Europe. If you want stunning scenery, challenging climbs, sweeping descents and rolling valleys this trip is for you!’

lake district challenge

Preparing for the Fred Whitton?

If you’ve signed up for this infamous Lake District route this year, fear not! For those seeking the perfect training plan, why not join our Classic Passes road cycling tour in Lake District, which follows pretty much the same route, takes place just before the big event and also conveniently splits up the challenge over two days, enabling you to really get to know the climbs and glean some knowledge from our expert guides, to help you on the big day.

Hey, even if you’ve not signed up for Fred Whitton, our road cycling tour is a great opportunity to test yourself on the iconic route, albeit in a more manageable (and hopefully enjoyable!) way.

For more information about our Classic Passes holiday click here.


GORRICK / Skedaddle Spring Series turns 25!

We are kick-starting this year with the return of Gorrick XC Spring Series. This is a four event open Cross Country Race Series held during January to April and is sponsored by yours truly! Everyone who participates has a chance to win one of our UK weekend Mountain Holidays and many other prizes – yay! This year Gorrick and their team celebrate 25 years of organising mountain bike events and we are more proud than ever to be working with them.

Here’s a little insight from our good friend and keen Gorrick rider, Natasha Litherland, who rode the first on this new Spring Series, a chance for you to see what you can expect on the day:

“Having not been able to race much for a few years as I have been studying, Area 51 was a new course for me – it was exciting to be there and it gave me the buzz I used to get when arriving at a new venue.

I am always inspired at a race – every rider there is a determined individual, whether they are there to win their category, beat a friend or just enjoy the ride – they all love this sport and are motivated to keep fit and healthy. At minus 4 degrees Celsius the ground was frozen solid which gave the riders a lot of fun on the twisty mud-free course that regularly double-backed on itself, and also made for great viewing. Riding around I was just grinning at the fact that I wouldn’t have to wash my bike when I got home.

Saddle Skedaddle headline sponsor these races and provide great prizes of their handpicked, top quality mountain bike weekends in the UK – one of which I won many years ago, and I have been a part of the Saddle Skedaddle team ever since then.  The Gorrick team never fail to provide an excellent event for everyone involved – that is why we all come back.”


Photo by Kevin Sheldrake

Interested? Click here to head to Gorrick’s website, find out more and enter! No club membership or licence is required. You can enter either online (hello early bird!) or on the day.