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Our travel expert puts a new spin on Sardinia

New travel consultant and self-proclaimed ‘proper leisure cyclist’, Ruth Long, already has a Skedaddle holiday under her wheels! Having joined us for cycling fun Sardiniawe wanted to get her top travel advice for exploring this Italian island on two wheels:

1. Learn some basic Italian; the Italians love it when people make the effort to speak their language, and they especially appreciate it in Sardinia. You’ll stay in some super rustic villages, so greeting the locals with a Buongiorno or Buonasera is an absolute must and often rewarded with free coffees or glasses of prosecco…

2. Cycling in Sardinia can be undulating, but your climbs will always be rewarded with the most amazing views of crystal clear waters. It’s worth keeping that in mind when you’re pedallin’ up that hill!

3. Be sure to take your swimming costume and a mini quick-dry sports towel on your day’s cycling; you’ll cycle past so many hidden bays whose beaches are empty; not stopping for a swim seems criminal!

4. Make sure you explore the local areas! It’s tempting to stay in your hotels as they’re so fantastic, but there are lots of coastal wonders worth getting out to see and local flavours to taste.

5. Stay hydrated! One of my favourite things about Italy, and Sardinia is no exception, is that every village, no matter how tiny, will have somewhere you can get a great coffee, and fill up your water. During our ride we were never short on refreshments; just look for the main square (la piazza) or ask for il bar!

One more thought…
A Skedaddle cycling holiday in Sardinia allows you to see so much more than your average holiday would: you’ll stay in rustic Italian villages, you’ll taste delicious, authentic food, cooked and served the Italian way, and you’ll cycle through places that you’d typically never see. Traveling by bike is the best way to see how the locals live!

Feeling inspired? Ruth cycled our Island Flavours holiday in Sardinia.

Spain: 6 wonders for the wheels

With over 30 cycling holidays (and counting!) alongside a Skedaddle base, Spain is a destination we’re proud to call home! Here’s our 6 wonders of Spain, best experienced when exploring on two wheels:

1. Camino de Santiago
The ultimate pilgrimage is renowned worldwide and offers an ancient journey packed full of timeless, cultural sites.

2. Sierras
Literally translated as ‘mountains with jagged peaks’, Spain’s flat, dry plains are complimented by these dramatic, lofty playgrounds.

3. Endless empty roads
Being one of the largest countries in Europe means Spain is a destination with lots of space! Cyclists can expect some blissfully unspoilt riding.

4. Seville
Crowned Lonely Planet’s number 1 city in their prestigious ‘Best in Travel 2018’ list, this thriving so-called ‘city of bicycles’ is a must see.

5. The Asturian Coast
This unspoilt stretch of coast in the North of Spain boasts a treasure trove of delights! Get ready for white sandy coves and theatrical rocky features.

6. Paella
A dish with ancient roots, paella is a fantastic community dish associated with fun and fiesta. It’s also a great crowd pleaser for a group of hungry cyclists…

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Chile: The number 1 adventure destination in 2018

The official birthplace of Skedaddle, Chile, holds a very special place in our heart! So when Lonely Planet announced Chile as the number 1 destination in their Best in Travel 2018 list, we couldn’t have agreed more:

They say:
Chile is a sinewy sliver of a nation, isolated from the rest of South America (and indeed the world) by the soaring Andes to the east, the vast Pacific Ocean to the west, the bone-dry Atacama Desert up north and the impenetrable wilds of Patagonia down south. From its disparate extremes to the ever-trendier capital of Santiago at its heart, the country’s citizens will unite in 2018 to mark 200 years of independence.” Lonely Planet – Top Countries, Best in Travel 2018.

We say:
Adventure oozes from the very heart of Chile, an inspiring destination for cyclists seeking nature on an epic scale. Our long history with this destination means we’ve sourced some of the best cycle routes possible, offering you an unrivalled opportunity to experience this land of fire and ice. Whether you want to explore world-renowned vineyards, dramatic volcanoes and monkey puzzle trees of the Lake District region or head deeper into wild Patagonia..we’ve something for everyone. 

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