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South East Asia: Great adventures in 2018

Cast your mind to South East Asia… a land where tuk tuks, ethereal landscapes and exotic cuisine offer travellers a spellbinding experience that cannot fail to amaze. For those eager to travel here in 2018, take a closer look at two of our inspiring Asian adventures:

Best for: Fascinating Buddhist culture and cascading waterfalls | Trip: Hidden Treasures of Laos
We say: Home to lush mountainside trails, bamboo forests, and stunning waterways, cyclists in Laos have their fair share of magical landscapes to admire from the saddle. Combine great views with a traditional way of life and you’ve a pint-sized destination that guarantees to captivate the soul.
Fascinating fact: Laos is the only landlocked country in South East Asia; this mountainous country has numerous highland groups with their own fascinating customs and beliefs, which still thrive today.


Best for: Renowned UNESCO sights, coastal views and bustling cities | Trip: Mountains and Coast
We say:
 For a unique way to see this amazing Asian destination, there’s no better way than by bike! This tour explores the vibrant sights and sounds of 3 of the countries most impressive cities, alongside lesser-visited gems, far from the beaten track. Prepare for an assault on the senses…
Fascinating fact: Vietnam is considered to have one of the healthiest cuisines in Asia. Pho is a tasty noodle soup sold as street food…commonly eaten at breakfast!

Explore inspiring India by bike

Alongside popular European destinations by bike, we also offer long haul cycling experiences in exotic locations too…

Rajasthan, India: A region famed for its sublime desert scenery, opulent palaces, forts and ornate temples. Curious to find out more? Here are our top 3 experiences to enjoy during our compelling Palaces and Lakes of Rajasthan tour:

1. Pedalling through fascinating scenery
Our journey takes place predominantly on flat plains, making this an accessible tour for most. Along the way you’ll encounter landscapes and culture typical of the region, including: temples, vibrantly dressed locals and possibly even a camel too…

2. Free day exploring Jodhpur 
Dubbed the ‘Blue City’ this mesmerising place is packed full of amazing things to see, making it an ideal midway pit-stop en route. Alongside the mighty Medhrangarh Fort, which dominates the skyline, the city is famed for its markets and bazaars in the old town – perfect for shopping for souvenirs!

3. A fitting way to finish your journey
Complete with fairytale-like palaces and timeless temples, Udaipur city is a fitting end to your journey through the region of Rajasthan. Combine this with its magical lakeside setting, this really is a feast for the eyes…and the soul.

Feeling inspired? Click here to take a closer look at our Rajasthan journey by bike.

Spotlight on: South East Asia

South East Asia offers a plethora of sights, sounds and superb cycling experiences, which ensure this destination is one of the most exciting to explore on two wheels! If swapping your daily routine for Asian cuisine has you jumping for joy, you might want to check out our range of trips here…

Trip: Mountains and Coast, Vietnam
We say: A journey of immense contrasts awaits you in one of Asia’s most dynamic country’s. Whether navigating iconic bustling cities by bike or cruising past rural rice paddies, this journey will offer impressive daily adventures that promise to stimulate the senses.

Trip: Bagan and Beyond, Burma
We say: A window into another world can certainly be expected in South East Asia but for a peek into the past, this is the trip for you! Cyclists here can expect to greet an ancient way of life, where wondrous temples, monks and more temples await your wandering wheels.

Trip: Hidden Treasures of Laos, Laos
We say: If ethereal landscapes are a must for your ride, landlocked Laos can serve these up in abundance! Here, quiet rural roads are accompanied by plenty of breathtaking scenery, from stunning limestone peaks to vivid azure waterfalls…