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Skedaddle Twaddle about our holidays to Cuba

Escape to an extraordinary destination

Escape (n): A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.

Is the festive frenzy feeling too much? We know what you need!  With some amazing cycling adventures guaranteed for the start of 2017, you’re just a stone’s throw away from an epic two-wheeled experience in an extraordinary corner of the world. Take a look at what we have departing for your chance to escape for fun on the bikes

1.  Trip: Lake Distict, Chile & Argentina
We say: A Skedaddle classic…for a very good reason! The scenery you’ll explore is mind-blowingly beautiful and our journey departing mid-January is the perfect way to start your year on a high.

2. Trip: Mountains and Coast, Vietnam
We say: For a varied adventure, Vietnam has it all. Vibrant local culture, heavenly coastline and history to boot, this city-to-city tour is packed full of sights and gives a great all-round insight into this destination.

3. Trip: Cuban Revolutions, Cuba
We say: With spaces selling like hotcakes, you’ll have to be quick if you want to join our two-week journey in this emerging destination! This two-week trip is a great chance to explore some of the island’s lesser-known natural features.

4. Trip: Classic Kerala, India
We say: Let the lush and tropical India you’ve imaged come to life in Kerala. This magical destination sees you cycling alongside hilltop tea plantations, relaxing on a rice boat on the famous backwaters and will help you feel a million miles away from the cold!

Explore the exotic in 2017


Forget the bleak mid-winter and escape the cold on one of our popular exotic adventures! All of our early season cycling getaways featured below are guaranteed departures and filling up fast, so don’t be shy now…

  • Best for: The chance to cycle pre-historic looking landscapes.
    Trip: The Lake District, Chile & Argentina.
    You say: The Chilean/Argentinian Lake District has one of the most beautiful, diverse and unspoilt sceneries in the world’ Dagmar, Devon.
  • Best for: Close-up encounters with extraordinary jungle wildlife.
    Trip: Volcanes y Playas
    , Costa Rica.
    You say:The only disturbance to the early morning calm was the thud of an iguana falling out of a tree’ Mike, Warwickshire.
  • Best for: Vibrant culture & world-renowned food.
    Trip: Mountains & Coast
    , Vietnam.
    You say: This was a magical journey and the routes were well planned’ Karen, London.
  • Best for: A completely unique insight into Caribbean way of life.
    Trip: Cuban Revolutions
    , Cuba.
    You say: ‘A great trip which goes all over the island. It was interesting to see places off the beaten track.’ Frank, Portsmouth.

Cycle Cuba! 5 reasons to join us in the Caribbean


Book early to secure your Cuban adventure in 2017…

The secret may be out about this vibrant Caribbean island, but Cuba remains a big hit with our long-haul Skedaddlers! Lucky for you we’ve just launched our new 2017 dates and prices for both our Cuban Revolutions and Cuban Wheels tours. Need more convincing to join us? Here’s our top 5 reasons why we love Cuba:

  1. Caribbean coastline: Palm-fringed, white, sandy beaches sound like something out of paradise right? Well you’ll enjoy plenty of them in Cuba (best served with a deliciously refreshing mojito!)
  2. Lost in time: From farmers tilling their land with oxen to the beautiful colonial architecture of Trinidad, exploring Cuba is an amazing window into the past.
  3. Party atmosphere: Get your dancing shoes ready! The Cubans love to salsa. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to soak up the fun during our trips.
  4. Tropical landscapes: Exploring the interior of this country is a must and the UNESCO Vale of Viñales (visited during Cuban Revolutions) provide some of the finest scenery, from waterfalls to impressive karst formations.
  5. Cuban car-culture: Cuba is literally an open-air car museum and amazing vintage cars can be spotted everywhere you turn! The capital city of Havana is where you’ll see these in all their glory.

Already been to Cuba? Take a look at our other Central American journey Costa Rica – Volcanes y Playas, or for a holiday with more incredible karst landscapes check out our adventure in China – Guilin and Guangxi.