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Skedaddle Twaddle about our holidays in Austria

4 cycling holidays worth sharing in 2017

Looking for the cycling experience of a lifetime? We recommend checking out a group cycling holiday. From enjoying idyllic picnics in breathtaking spots together, to our guides’ unparalleled support and encouraging smiles along the way, this could be the trip you’ve been waiting for! Here’s a few group tours in Europe we’re excited for this year…

1Where? Germany & Austria
Trip: The Danube Cycle Path
In a nutshell: A European classic that continues to prove a hit! Although the daily distances may seem long, we promise it’s flat, gentle pedalling all the way and a manageable challenge for all to enjoy.

2. Where? Spain
Trip: Riojan Rolling
In a nutshell: This one is for lovers of fine wine and lip-smacking food! For those less familiar with tasty Rioja, the region is famed for vineyards, so wine tasting will make for the perfect pedalling pit-stop.

3. Where? Austria & Italy
Trip: La Via Claudia
In a nutshell: A border-hopping challenge with scenery that will keep you smiling the whole way! From picturesque Alpine peaks to gorgeous Lake Garda.

4. Where? Italy
Trip: La Via Francigena
In a nutshell: New for 2017 and filling up fast. Our holiday takes you from the heart of Tuscany right up to the Vatican City in Rome – talk about ticking off a few Italian gems!

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The great school holiday sale…


Join us for a fun holiday experience that the whole family can enjoy! Our January sale is the perfect excuse to put the wheels in motion for a Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday this year, and a chance to make some great savings too. Here’s a peek at what you can expect…

Perfect for: Easter holiday
Trip: Coastal Adventurer, Spain

We say: This corner of Spain has much to offer families, from unspoilt coastline to fun water activities! With our Spanish base located here too, you’ll also enjoy un-paralleled support throughout your holiday.

Perfect for: May Half Term
Trip: Valley of Castles, France
We say: Former home of Kings and Queens, the Loire valley has many extraordinary castles – think Disneyland, but on a much larger scale, with history, class and the added bonus of bikes!

Perfect for: Summer holiday
Trip: Lake Constance, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
We say:
If lazy picnics by the lake and the chance to swim outdoors sound like your ideal ‘off the bike’ activities in the summer, this is the journey for you.

Perfect for: October Half Term
Trip: Family Flavours, Sardinia
We say: Who said once the summer was over the cycling had to stop? October is one of the best times to visit the stunning Mediterranean island of Sardinia, where turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches await your wheels.

Conquer a cycling journey in 2017

Journey (n): An act of travelling from one place to another.

Challenge, fulfilment and varied landscapes are the essential ingredients, which help make our Cycling Journeys some of the most memorable two-wheeled trips you’ll undertake. So, if you are looking for something to conquer in 2017, you might want to take a look below…

Destination: UK
Top trips: Coast to Coast, Hadrian’s Cycleway
What to expect: From the 140-mile C2C to the iconic Hadrian’s Wall, some of the world’s most esteemed cycling experiences can be found in the UK. Once completed, you’ll be elevated to cycling legend status!

Destination: Italy
Top trips: La Via Claudia, Via Francigena
What to expect: For a bestselling, border-hopping journey, the Via Claudia is packed full of fun. Or for those looking to cycle some of Italy’s best-loved regions (Tuscany and Rome), why not take a look at our new holiday the Via Francigena?

Destination: Spain
Top trips: Granada to Seville, Camino de Santiago
What to expect: Whether you’re hoping to achieve your pilgrim status on the Camino, or looking for a window into the heart of Andalucía, our tours in Spain are steeped in tradition and offer unforgettable cycling experiences.


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