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Skedaddle Twaddle about Azores

2016: A year in review

As we speed into 2017, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing some of our favourite two-wheeled moments from the past year…

  • Best destination: The Azores
    We say: Without a doubt, this lush mid-Atlantic island escape has seen a huge surge in popularity amongst cyclists looking for something a little different from the norm. Don’t miss the chance to see this unique destination for yourself next year…
  • Favourite feedback: The Grand Traverse, Italy
    You say: ‘You cleared our stress heads and toned up our tired bodies, made us laugh (some hills made us cry!) and took us out of ourselves – basically looking after our every need and allowing us freedom to just do what we love – pedal in glorious surroundings.’ Andrew, Oxford
  • Best video: Camino de Santiago, Spain
    We say: Alongside the dawn of the Skedaddle drone in 2016, our office team were also sent out with our trusty GoPro, to help chart their work trip experiences. Click here to see EU Leisure Manager Kay Cliffe’s Camino adventure come to life.
  • Guide who went the extra mile: Manuel Marino
    You say:
    ‘I damaged my breaks whilst on a mountain bike holiday in Italy with you and one of your guides offered me their own bike (worth £5000) in its place. I refused this very kind offer, so he took off his break and fitted it to my bike…
I can’t think of anyone else who would do that!’ Colin, North Shields.

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Distant destinations! Lonely Planet picks for 2017

With 2017 fast approaching, new travel experiences are on everyone’s minds! Instead of blowing our own trumpet, we thought we’d take a peek at Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’ list which, this year, celebrates 3 of our favourite, remote cycling destinations….

  1. Destination: Colombia
    Emerald Mountains | Best for: Roadies.
    They say:  The country’s mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitality is a rich tapestry woven by welcoming arms.’
    We say: With two sold out tours already in 2017, our long-haul road destination is proving incredibly popular. With the chance to tackle the world’s longest climb, we think we know why…
  2. Destination: Myanmar (Burma)
    Trip: Bagan and Beyond | Best for: Adventure seekers.
    They say:  ‘A window onto a vanishing Asia, where life moves to the timeless rhythm of chanting monks and monastery bells.’
    We say: Our new tour to Burma seems perfectly timed and makes the most of the country’s best features, including the extraordinary, ancient temples of Bagan.
  3. Region: The Azores, Portugal
    Trip(s): Islands and Volcanoes, Azores Adventures & Lakes and Volcanoes. | Best for:Leisure lovers, families and roadies.
    They say:Its natural assets resemble an array of superlative sights pulled from other destinations: lush Hawaiian volcanoes, gurgling Scandinavian hot springs and rugged Patagonian craters.’
    We say: The perfect way to experience exotic landscapes, without the epic long-haul flight. This stunning island is packed full of wonder and has something for all to enjoy.

3 journeys to tick of your bucket-list


If you’re eager to extend the summer cycling fun, it’s time to check out our top 3 guided holidays this autumn, all of which feature highly on our travel bucket list…

  1. Best for: The ultimate historical adventure packed full of rewarding challenges.
    Trip: Camino de Santiago, Spain. What to expect: For a holiday that will give you an amazing sense of achievement, this is the tour for you! A unique opportunity to tick off a bucket-list journey and explore a lesser-known part of Spain.
  2. Best for: Lip-smacking Mediterranean meals and white sandy beaches.
    Trip: Island Flavours, Sardinia. What to expect:Food, glorious food! Sardinia’s cuisine has plenty to get excited about and our journey explores everything from local wineries to olive oil mills. When you’ve eaten your fill, there will be plenty of unspoilt beaches to enjoy an afternoon nap on too!
  3. Best for: Otherworldly landscapes without the exotic postcode.
    Trip: Islands and Volcanoes, Azores. What to expect: The aptly named ‘Hawaii of Europe’ has a lot to get excited about. Whales, waterfalls, and lush emerald lagoons all combine for a totally unique cycling experience, immersing you in landscapes like no other in our holiday range.