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Skedaddle Twaddle about our holidays in France

The most scenic road cycling in Europe

Spectacular scenery on your cycling holiday is an essential ingredient and can do wonders to help you conquer those miles! With epic vistas in mind, here are our trip picks this year featuring the most scenic road cycling routes in Europe:


1. Destination: Provence, France  | Trip: Le Ventoux a Velo | What you can expect? Few destinations can boast they have their very own answer to the Grand Canyon, but Provence’s Gorge du Verdon comes very close. If that wasn’t enough you’ll encounter one of the Tour de France’s most iconic peaks, as well as dramatic rocky archways and turquoise rivers, plenty of sights to wow en route!

2. Destination: Corsica, France | Trips: The Beautiful Isle & Southern Secrets | What can you expect? Diverse road cycling doesn’t get much better than on the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica, a destination where nature impresses around every bend. From sparkling coast to rugged, rocky inland you’ll enjoy some of the best of the Med here.

3. Destination: Sardinia, Italy | Trip: Coastal Explorer  | What can you expect? It’s no surprise that this year’s Giro D’Italia has decided to kick their 100th edition off on this incredible Italian island! For turquoise waters that rival those in the Caribbean it’s time to join us for a road trip around spectacular Sardinia, where jaw-dropping coastal views provide an inspiring backdrop as you navigate your way by bike.

Aim high and conquer that mountain climb

Big rewards await those keen to ride the mountains…

For those Roadies who are eager to set their sights high this year, here is our low-down on some of our favourite European Mountain Challenge holidays:

Best for: A great introduction to the world of mountain climbing
Recommended Trip: Classic Alpine Passes Intro, France
You say: Each day provides a challenge going up and down. I felt I learned a lot on ascending and particularly descending from the help received by the 3 Skedaddle guides.’ Pamela, Newcastle

Best for: Conquering mountain stage highlights of the Giro d’Italia
Trip: Italian Dolomites, Italy
We say: The Dolomites showcase some of the most thrilling riding you’ll encounter and without a doubt provide legendary climbs with equally magnificent views.Naomi, Italian Head Honcho.

Best for: Ticking off legendary Tour de France challenges daily
Trip: Raid Alpine, France
You say: ‘This trip was way above my expectations. The route was spectacular, the guides were professional and the logistics were handled impeccably. The choice of accommodation was excellent each night.’ Peter, Glasgow

Best for: Taking on one of the most demanding climbs in professional road cycling.
Trip: Vuelta Classics, Spain
We say: ‘As far as climbs go, the Angrilu is up there as one of the more memorable! This is a journey packed full of dramatic experiences and sees you exploring three of Spain’s most beautiful National parks’ Dan, Spanish Head Honcho.


France: a la mode!

For our latest giveaway we asked you to tell us your favourite thing about France! We absolutely loved reading your responses and for the evident love you all share for this spiritual home of cycling. From fine wine and cheese to safer two-wheeled experiences, here are just few of the things you all can’t get enough of:

 A la carte

‘… well, France! First voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? Think a romantic dinner near the Seine river, not Aguilera.’ Vera Albuquerque

‪‘… the food, and earning the food by pedaling!’ Jamie Emerson

‘… wine, only because I have not had the opportunity to cycle there yet. Having had the opportunity to have John Walsh as a guide in Costa Rica, I would love to experience riding in France with Saddle Skeddale.’ Kathy Campbell

For the joy of cycling…

‪‘… the way drivers leave plenty of space! Not to mention the glorious scenery and food.’ Ruth Mayorcas

‪‘… being able to cycle and not feel like drivers ‘are out to get you’ & of course the gorgeous wine and cheese.’ Fiona MacCallum

‪‘…”le trajet” or “the ride” ‘ David J McDonàgh

 ‘… everything, but especially the mountains’ Dewi Evans

Because it makes a great pun



We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to Colin Bays, who is now the owner of a signed copy of ‘France en Velo’ by Hannah Reynolds and John Walsh! Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways and for your chance to be featured on our blog.

Feeling inspired?

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