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Skedaddle Twaddle about Southern Spain / Andalucia and Northern Spain / Picos de Europa / Camino de Santiago

Take the scenic road with Skedaddle

For those who enjoy soaking up the stunning sights en route, the journey is often less about the amount of cols you can tick off and more about the amazing landscapes you’ll explore from the saddle. Sound like your kind of riding? Take a look at our top 3 vista-tastic road routes below…

1. Trip: Ardeche to Carcassonne Where: France
We say: A beautiful region of France that promises to provide ‘wow factor’ scenery. En route you’ll spy the famous Pont d’Arc, a naturally occurring stone bridge, as well as plenty of lush pine forests and grand chateaux. If that isn’t enough we also have an epic 33-mile ride through the breathtaking Gorges du Tam.

2. Trip: Sardinia Coastal Explorer | Where: Italy
We say: Sardinia is a cyclist’s paradise, with few cars and excellent quality tarmac. An expanse of blue Mediterranean water is a regular companion on this ride and along the way you’ll see many stunning coastal features, from dramatic rocky cliffs to the island’s characteristic unspoilt, white sandy beaches.

3. Trip: Road to Ronda | Where: Spain 
We say: With your accommodation for the week based in the beautiful, old Spanish town of Ronda (notibly one of the oldest in the country) you are perfectly placed to explore the impressive surrounding region. You can expect dramatic limestone landscapes, endless olive groves and plenty of panoramic vistas atop the passes you’ll conquer.

Customer Story: Biking the Camino

Our Ruta de la Plata holiday is ultimately Spanish wilderness biking at its best, with long climbs, thrilling descents and new challenges every day.  It also follows an ancient trading and pilgrimage route, making it quite a unique spiritual experience. This Spring Jan experienced it all firsthand, keep reading to learn about his journey…

‘The adventure started with a tour of Seville and eventually, behind the cathedral, we picked up the first Camino sign. After approximately an hour we had a coffee break opposite the entrance to a Roman archaeological site. Our next destination was Almaden de la Plata.

The next morning we cycled past the Roman aqueduct, and amazing three tier structure covered with stork nests. The next stop was the reservoir which supplies the city with water, also Roman.

We reached Salamanca, our halfway point! The vistas from the ridge were very impressive, with snow in the distance. We stayed on the edge of the old town and walked across the Roman Bridge to the centre where we enjoyed drinks and dinner. A wonderful city it is.

On our way we caught up with a few Camino walkers, from the US, Ireland, Holland Italy and Spain. A very impressive effort! Some people returned year after year to complete the trip.

Leaving Vilavella, we climbed to the top of the pass on tarmac. The route took us off-road on single track and dirt roads through villages. The views were great! The climb was followed by a long decent into the valley. Before settling for the day in Orense, we visited one of many hot water springs along the river. Two outstanding bridges crossed the river, one Roman and the other ultra-modern and innovative.

On the next day, the trails took us from village to village. 57km to go to Santiago!

We kept following trails between the villages, with plenty of climbs. The route into Santiago was a steep climb but well worth it to reach the square which is an experience. Here we obtained the last stamps for the Camino passport and finished the trip with a great meal and drinks of course!’

Feeling inspired? Find out more about our once-in-a-lifetime journey that will suit those after a challenging mountain bike ride through Spain.

Discover Spain’s unique UNESCO treasures

Cultural treasures are always a great pedalling pit stop and Spain certainly has its fair share of historic gems to explore! For your chance to soak up impressive culture en route during your cycling holiday, check out our top 3 UNESCO sights to spot from the saddle…

1. Palace Alhambra and Generalife 
Fun fact: The palace is strategically placed atop a hill to give a panoramic vista of the city and its surrounding countryside – well worth the effort of ascending! Arabian in style, this fortress-like palace also borders the beautiful Generalife, also known as the ‘gardens of paradise’, both of which offer a unique insight into Andalucía’s diverse past.

2. Santiago de Compostela 
Fun fact: This spiritual city is a hubbub of activity owing to it being the final destination of a certain world famous pilgrimage! Whilst exploring old town Santiago for yourself, you really could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time, here you will find an array of Neo Classical, Romanesque Baroque and Gothic buildings, which only add to the magical feel of your final destination.

3. San Millan de la Cogolla
Fun fact: Site of the Suso and Yuso monasteries, this is known for being the birthplace of the first written words in the Spanish language – an impressive claim to fame! Our holiday utilises this monastery as accommodation, so you’ll get a totally unique insight into this striking, ancient building.