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Pedal Peru: 3 reasons why Peru is perfect for a family cycling holiday

Few holidays pack in quite as much as our exciting trip to Peru! Whilst most are familiar with the lofty, impressive peak of Machu Picchu, we bet you didn’t also know this is an amazing destination for a family cycling holiday. Take a peek below to find out more:

1. Ideal for families of all ages
This trip is designed to be flexible enough to suit the whole family from ten to eighty years old! Our team in Peru have plenty of riding routes to choose from, whether you’re a confident teenager looking for a challenge, or a little-one in need of easy cycling options.

2. Kids will get one of the best history lessons going
Incan ruins, the colonial city of Cusco and of course the iconic Machu Picchu all ensure you’ll be immersed in historical wonders from the get-go.

3. It’s an awesome yet accessible adventure
If you’re looking for a holiday with an exotic postcode, this is the trip for you! It’s a world dramatically different to one you are probably used to, but we’ll help you explore in the safest and best way possible.


Looking to stay closer to home this year?
If you’re keen to explore a more familiar destination this year, we’ve got that covered too. Popular options include our beach-hopping Asturian Coast holiday in Northern Spain, or the idyllic Lake Constance in Central Europe.

For the love of cycling!

Roses are red, violets are blue…stuff the flowers and book a two-wheeled trip for two!


This Valentine’s day, why not avoid the materialistic clichés and instead put the wheels in motion for an exciting adventure together? Here is a selection of our most lusted after destinations, handpicked by our HQ team…

1. Team Road: Tuscany Tourer, Italy
Why? Idyllic landscapes greet you at every turn in treasured Tuscany and we can’t think of anything more romantic than soaking up the sublime Val d’Orcia views together on two wheels.

2. Team Leisure: Chateaux of the Loire, France
Why? This is quintessential France at its best! Picture grand castles dotted along a scenic valley – all washed down with the region’s revered vineyard wares and gastronomic delights.

3. Team Adventures: Wine Country, Chile
Why? Don’t miss your chance to cycle the incredible vinayards of the Colchagua Valley (complete with an Andean mountain backdrop) with your other half – surely the dream holiday for those who love to relax with a tasty tipple, or two?

4. Team Mountain Biking: South Africa and Botswana
Why? If you’re the sort of couple who crave an adventure, this is the tour for you. Packed full of experiences, you’ll get to sample some fun and technical biking, as well as the chance to spot lions as you explore the “dizzyingly exciting” Mashatu wildlife park, by bike!

Customer Competition 2016: We Have A WINNER!

You voted fiercely and we are now happy to announce our Annual Customer Competition winner for 2016:

Congratulations, Denise D’Abadie!
Her November entry was a huge success and her prize sees her claiming an additional £1000 worth of Skedaddle vouchers. YAY! Denise is a real Skedaddle regular so we are delighted she has won.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 17.45.00

Her destination: Chile and Argentina
We love seeing more and more Skedaddlers enjoying the impressive cycling sights of South America! Denise loved our holiday in Chile and Argentina so much that she wrote a series of blogs, which give an incredible insight into our adventure there. This trip took her through landscapes of snow-capped volcanoes, deep valleys, lakes and curious forests of monkey puzzle trees set against the awesome backdrop of the Andes. Chile is a special place for us, this is where the idea of Saddle Skedaddle was born, so we’re super pleased Denise felt suitably inspired.


What now?
You can look at her full competition entry or learn more about the ‘Chile and Argentina’ holiday right here. We have a guaranteed departure date in November 2017 and places are filling in fast! Also, keep your eyes peeled and your entries ready for our competition re-launch in 2017.