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Skedaddle Twaddle about our trips to Chile and Argentina

For the love of cycling!

Roses are red, violets are blue…stuff the flowers and book a two-wheeled trip for two!


This Valentine’s day, why not avoid the materialistic clichés and instead put the wheels in motion for an exciting adventure together? Here is a selection of our most lusted after destinations, handpicked by our HQ team…

1. Team Road: Tuscany Tourer, Italy
Why? Idyllic landscapes greet you at every turn in treasured Tuscany and we can’t think of anything more romantic than soaking up the sublime Val d’Orcia views together on two wheels.

2. Team Leisure: Chateaux of the Loire, France
Why? This is quintessential France at its best! Picture grand castles dotted along a scenic valley – all washed down with the region’s revered vineyard wares and gastronomic delights.

3. Team Adventures: Wine Country, Chile
Why? Don’t miss your chance to cycle the incredible vinayards of the Colchagua Valley (complete with an Andean mountain backdrop) with your other half – surely the dream holiday for those who love to relax with a tasty tipple, or two?

4. Team Mountain Biking: South Africa and Botswana
Why? If you’re the sort of couple who crave an adventure, this is the tour for you. Packed full of experiences, you’ll get to sample some fun and technical biking, as well as the chance to spot lions as you explore the “dizzyingly exciting” Mashatu wildlife park, by bike!

Customer Competition 2016: We Have A WINNER!

You voted fiercely and we are now happy to announce our Annual Customer Competition winner for 2016:

Congratulations, Denise D’Abadie!
Her November entry was a huge success and her prize sees her claiming an additional £1000 worth of Skedaddle vouchers. YAY! Denise is a real Skedaddle regular so we are delighted she has won.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 17.45.00

Her destination: Chile and Argentina
We love seeing more and more Skedaddlers enjoying the impressive cycling sights of South America! Denise loved our holiday in Chile and Argentina so much that she wrote a series of blogs, which give an incredible insight into our adventure there. This trip took her through landscapes of snow-capped volcanoes, deep valleys, lakes and curious forests of monkey puzzle trees set against the awesome backdrop of the Andes. Chile is a special place for us, this is where the idea of Saddle Skedaddle was born, so we’re super pleased Denise felt suitably inspired.


What now?
You can look at her full competition entry or learn more about the ‘Chile and Argentina’ holiday right here. We have a guaranteed departure date in November 2017 and places are filling in fast! Also, keep your eyes peeled and your entries ready for our competition re-launch in 2017.

Customer Story: Cycling Chile and Argentina

Regular Skedaddler Denise D’Abadie set her sights on spectacular South America recently to discover our inspiring cycling adventure exploring Chile and Argentina‘s remote Lake District.

Here are a few soundbites from her extended blog, which give a great flavour of the cycling and holiday experiences you can expect here. Read on to discover more about her travels in this trending South American destination:

A general overview…

Together with a group of like minded adventure seekers, we set off to explore the Patagonia region on bicycle. From Puerto Montt, a port city in southern Chile’s Lake District, known as a gateway to the Andes mountains and the Patagonia fjords, to Puerto Varas which sits on the southwest banks of the expansive lake Llanquihue where you would normally have great views of the still active volcanoes Osborne and Cajbuco. I say ‘normally’ because as luck would have it our days were interspersed with rain, which, while it made the temperature cool for cycling, the cloud cover was not very much appreciated.

Not to be swayed, however, we traversed the gravel roads, soaked in the amazing views, lush flora and fauna, one km at a time, and in no hurry, all the while dodging the rain.


This scenic route and inclement weather not only offered us the unique opportunity to gawk at the untouched mountainous views around this Chilean Lake district, but brought with it the opportunity to begin the forging of relationships with a haphazard group. It never ceases to amaze me how people from different walks of life, with just one thing in common, can immediately begin to open themselves up to others, without reserve, with passion and of course a great sense of humour.

Amazing landscapes…


Having had somewhat of a rest day in Bariloche, we eagerly set out to explore the landscape on our way to Traful – just a mere 35km cycle on undulating gravel road, with its unexpected twists, turns and uphill climbs.

Certainly an ever changing environment – from the awe inspiring scenes around Lake Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche, to the impressive rock formations dotted throughout the varying landscape from arid mountains to groups of lush pine trees meandering through and along the Rio Minero. Cycling on this type of rocky terrain added the extra adventure and earned you the right to take a break, admire your surroundings and move on again.

Traful, a very small town, will, in my estimation, be at least double its size in the next few years. As its tranquility and beauty will certainly be sought after by those wanting to sit back, relax and be amazed.


A volcanic climb…

Climbing the still active Villarica Volcano in Pucon has to be one of the most mind blowing and triumphant expeditions I’ve ever accomplished and an amazing Saddle Skedaddle experience.

The story is told that when the spirits in the Ruka Pillan become angry anything from spewing lava, to massive rumblings and even a volcanic eruption can take place. None the less, we donned our winter gear and hiking boots, packed my camera and marched up that snow capped mountain.

Villarrica, is one of a small number of volcanoes worldwide, known to have an active lava lake within its crater. Perched on top of the volcano we surveyed the views and congratulated ourselves on our triumphant ascent. Smiles on our faces,  and glee in our hearts!


A fitting end…

As if my cycling through the Patagonia region had not already been filled with a lifetime of experiences, at the very end, I got my adrenaline pumped by the exciting opportunity to ride on the single track runs through the National Araucania Park! These narrow trails were filled with unexpected ups and downs and twists and turns – and meant having to manoeuvre encroaching trees and low hanging branches, constantly on the lookout for the odd tree roots and rocks to jump over. This may sound scary, but with a strong heart and lots of determination to succeed, we all came out triumphant, exhilarated and completely fired up.


Want to read Denise’s blog in full? Click here.

Denise took part in our cycling adventure holiday in Chile and Argentina, The Lake District. For more information about our holiday click here.