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Skedaddle Twaddle about Peru

Pedal Peru: 3 reasons why Peru is perfect for a family cycling holiday

Few holidays pack in quite as much as our exciting trip to Peru! Whilst most are familiar with the lofty, impressive peak of Machu Picchu, we bet you didn’t also know this is an amazing destination for a family cycling holiday. Take a peek below to find out more:

1. Ideal for families of all ages
This trip is designed to be flexible enough to suit the whole family from ten to eighty years old! Our team in Peru have plenty of riding routes to choose from, whether you’re a confident teenager looking for a challenge, or a little-one in need of easy cycling options.

2. Kids will get one of the best history lessons going
Incan ruins, the colonial city of Cusco and of course the iconic Machu Picchu all ensure you’ll be immersed in historical wonders from the get-go.

3. It’s an awesome yet accessible adventure
If you’re looking for a holiday with an exotic postcode, this is the trip for you! It’s a world dramatically different to one you are probably used to, but we’ll help you explore in the safest and best way possible.


Looking to stay closer to home this year?
If you’re keen to explore a more familiar destination this year, we’ve got that covered too. Popular options include our beach-hopping Asturian Coast holiday in Northern Spain, or the idyllic Lake Constance in Central Europe.

Enduro riding, the Skedaddle Way!

Seeking out the best biking is what we’re all about and this year we’re excited to launch our range of Enduro holidays! Not quite sure what to expect? Here’s the low-down:

In a nutshell…

It’s not just about the ticking clock and the racing line; Enduro mountain biking has come to mean so much more. It’s about using our bikes to access remote and seldom visited trails in the mountains. It’s about having a laugh with your friends (old and new) on the way up and enjoying the view at the top. But foremost, it’s about seeking out and exploring the best technical biking opportunities, in inspiring wilderness areas. This is Enduro riding, the Skedaddle way!’ Matt Cain, Mountain Biking Product Manager

Click here to discover more about our Enduro range.

Our trip picks…

There’s a range of trips to suit all types of riders, from thrilling experiences in the technically demanding Peruvian Andes, to the slightly more accessible, but not no less impressive, Italian Dolomites. Or, why not try our new tour in Spain, the Pyrenees Enduro, which offers unspoiled trails and exciting new challenges.

5 biking bestsellers


Tis’ the season to feast on some of our favourite biking adventures! To find out which trips made the grade in 2016, here is our round up of top 5 biking bestsellers,to help tempt your tyres in the New Year…

1. Trip: Highlands Coast to Coast, Scotland
You say: ‘Tomintoul to Ballater had some superb technical single track and a great fast decent. I would recommend this holiday to any keen mountain biker as a must do trip!’ Simon, Hereford

2. Trip: Sacred Routes, Italy
You say: What an opportunity to see the Tuscan countryside in such an intimate way. How else could we get the best trails, lodging and meals all figured out for us?’ Sarah, USA

3. Trip: Awesome Andalucia, Spain
You say: ‘A great mix of really good trails. Our guides could not have done anything more for us!’ Terry, Essex

4. Trip: Sacred Singletrack, Peru
You say:  ‘If you‘re looking for a trip to really challenge your technical skills and improve your comfort level on challenging terrain, then this is the trip for you.’
Angela, Texas

5. Trip: Sardinia Traverse, Italy
You say: ‘I have been on a couple of biking trips with other companies and can safely say that this was by far the best. The MTB-ing in Sardinia was spectacular and I am a better biker for it!’ Cathy, London