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Skedaddle Twaddle about Food!!

India and Sri Lanka – two tea–rrific destinations for a cycling holiday!

Are you a tea lover? If, like us, you can’t imagine a better way to start a day in the saddle than with a finely brewed cuppa, then we suggest you read on…

Whilst most might think that us Brits are the chief tea drinkers of the world, you might not know that tea is also something engrained within Indian and Sri Lankan culture too. On our Classic Kerala and  Backroads and Beaches cycling holidays, we explore endless tea plantations and even a Tea Museum, then cycle through the very tea estates that provide the leaves for your morning brew.  With tea on the mind (and a brew firmly in hand) we take a closer look at this classic beverage loved by millions across the globe.

National Treasure…
Did you know that tea is a second most consumed drink in the world? Beaten only by water! It’s more loved than coffee, beer and even Coca-Cola. Today, India is the world’s second largest tea producer and is widely exporting its vast selection of teas to many countries around the world. Alongside this, over 70% of tea grown there is actually consumed by Indians themselves. Obviously, tea is a top beverage of choice for the locals!

Sri Lanka is not far behind India and is the world’s forth-largest producer of this much-loved drink. Interestingly, it’s the British who started the development of tea production in Sri Lanka, by bringing seeds from China back to the country in the 19th century. Today it’s one of the most prominent tea producing countries in the world.


A Tribute to Tea…
As part of our cycling tour in India you will visit Munnar, a major plantation centre, rich with tea estates and is a must see stop in South India’s largest tea-growing region. Here you’ll be greeted by miles of lush plantations and will have an opportunity to take a fascinating look into the history of tea production in Munnar during the visit to a Tea Museum. Feed your curiosity about everything it has to offer and discover the many stages of processing– your chance to learn a thing or two about your beloved beverage.

On our adventure to Sri Lanka you will head to Nuwara Eliya, a district in the Central Province best known for its particularly fine quality tea. This region is quite different from anywhere else in the country due to high altitudes, hills and cool breezes – a lovely contrast to the tropical landscapes you’ll encounter during your last few cycling days with us in Sri Lanka.

Feeling Inspired?

Experience the beauty and serenity of the local tea plantations, which accompany an abundance of beautiful scenery and delicious local cuisine on our cycling holidays to India or Sri Lanka. To learn more about the trips, check out the current availability and departure dates click here.

5 reasons why a GEOBAR makes the perfect cycling snack

We’ve been big fans of GEOBARS for a while now! For over 15 years they have been pioneering a global mix of Fairtrade ingredients and encouraging everyone to ‘change the world, one bite at a time’. But sustainable ingredients are not the only thing we love about GEOBARS, they also happen to be a great cycling snack – and we take our snacks very seriously! Here are just a couple of reasons why we can’t get enough of these yummy cereal bars…

  1. Taste
    First things first, GEOBARS are simply delicious! These chewy cereal bars are all natural, made with a wonderful mix of raisins and honey, blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats and crisped rice. Choose between ‘wild apricot’, ‘mixed berries’ or ‘chocolate’, there is something for everyone! They are also suitable for vegetarians.
  1. Fibre
    These cereal bars are a great and easily accessible source of fibre. Fibre helps keep you full and satisfied (since it takes longer to digest) and is essential for the human body – you can’t argue with science, folks!
  1. Great on the go
    GEOBARS are compact, filling, napkin-free and easy to eat with one hand – passing the ultimate cycling snack test.
  1. Energy
    Whether you need a fuelling breakfast, post-ride snack to hold you until dinner, or a pick-me-up treat to keep you going mid-ride, GEOBARS are the way to go!
  1. Fairtrade
    GEOBAR is the world’s first Fairtrade cereal bar and has a truly global mix of ingredients. From Chile all the way to India, the tasty treats included have some fascinating tales to tell, and their stories can be further explored during our Meet the People holidays (cultural experiences with Fairtrade producers coordinated by our HQ team in Newcastle too!). For more information about these trips and to find out how you can meet the amazing people who produce the GEOBAR ingredients click here.


Don’t miss our competition…
We teamed up with GEOBAR for your chance to win a Saddle Skedaddle holiday for two! One lucky winner will choose from our amazing range of road, mountain biking, leisure and family cycling holidays in the UK. To find our more click here.

Try for yourself…
If you can’t wait to sample a delicious Fairtrade cereal bar, fear not! We are going to be giving away few boxes of these GEOBARS very soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for your chance to claim a box for yourself.

Top things to do in Italy (off the bike!)

Did you know that Italy is the forth most visited country in the world? It’s a destination rich with historical sights, beautiful landscapes, amazing food and great opportunities for cycling, so it’s little wonder that it has become one of the most extensively explored countries in Europe by Skedaddlers. While we have plenty of reasons to love cycling in Italy, we are also very keen to explore everything the country has to offer. Here we mention just a couple of things we love to do off the saddle, when in Italy…

Cycling Holidays in Italy

Visit a historical gem
Italy is known for a thing or two historically (does the Roman Empire ring a bell?!). So naturally, it only seems fitting that it is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world – it has more than 50! You definitely won’t miss out on historical gems when visiting, no matter what route you choose. And we have quite a few favourites ourselves: St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City (found on the final day of our ‘Via Francigena’ tour) and the Canal Grande in Venice (which is best spotted on our ‘Lake Garda to Venice’ or ‘Venetian Waterways’ cycling trips) are definitely ones to watch out for.

Read more about the UNESCO World heritage Sites you can find when cycling with us in Italy here.

Dine on gelato
Indulging in gelato (that’s Italian for ice-cream, by the way!) is considered to be one of the most authentic Italian experiences and a great way to cool down post-ride. It’s a little different to normal ice-cream (made with milk not cream) and so considered can be a healthier alternative, happy days. Also, it normally costs only few euros. A treat AND a bargain all in one…

Our top tip: when in a gelataria (a shop that sells gelato), always be on the lookout for signs for “artiginale” or “produzione nostra”, which indicates the gelato is made on-site or by the family that owns the shop – bellissimo!

Practice Italian
Italian is considered to be one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. You will definitely find a number of words that sound very familiar due to the Latin roots of both languages. So don’t be shy and learn a couple of Italian phrases before you go, we promise it can be very rewarding and fun!

Cover the basics first…
Hello/ Goodbye – Ciao [Pronounced: chou]
Thank you – Grazie [Pronounced: grat-zee-ay]
Cheers  –  Salute [Pronounced:  Saw-lutay] …this one is great for those celebratory post-ride beers!

Feeling inspired?
We have 49 cycling holidays in Italy for you to choose from! With our very own base in here, our Italian family will make sure you have the best experience exploring this wonderful country. Check out the full range of leisure cycling holidays in Italy right here.