Cycling Scotland’s Coast to Coast: A Journey

Congratulations to Pat Hercberg who has won our June monthly competition prize for her entry sent in after completing the epic Scottish highlands coast to coast mountain biking trip! Boasting some of the best UK off roading its no surprise Pat enjoyed herself so much, so buckle up, sounds like she had a blast:

“It’s all about the journey” said Steve “it’s a journey of firsts”.

So what brought me to the virtual office door of Saddle Skedaddle for the first time?  Strangely enough it was a ‘first’ but not with Saddle Skedaddle. Last year (bear with me) I went on a first mountain bike holiday. Last year I rode a fantastic route. The route was the only thing that was fantastic. Last year I was lonely and left behind. Last year I was unhappy. Last year I sat outside my B and B for two hours waiting to see if there was a room for me. Last year I cried. Last year I had booked with A. N. Other company. Was it me or was it them? If it was me then no more mountain bike holidays. However I was not ready to give in so this year one more shot. By a process of elimination I chose Saddle Skedaddle to take me on a ride that I had wanted to do for several years.

Cue fanfare —— tan, tan taraa! What a good time I had. I knew from the first evening talk that it was going to be spot on. These ‘guys’ were seriously organised and oozing enthusiasm. And so we were off. First day and the perfect hors d’ouevre. As with every good buffet there was a little of everything, ups and downs, water and mountains and a drip feed of interesting information from our riding encyclopaedias (aka the Guides).


An organised start from the lovely Kintail Lodge took us to Corran and fine views of the Five Sisters set the scene for what was to come over the next few days. There were tracks of every sort to gladden the heart and widen the smile. Yabadabadoodah!

There was water in all it’s glory. Challenge accepted and no spirits dampened.

We pedalled —-

We paddled —-

On one occasion we even puddled  ——

We were pleasantly challenged by the ups of the Corrieairack  Pass and the joys of Mount Keen —— oh and cows!

And so delighted by the whoopy descents and many grin inducing singletrack sections that we did not stop take photos. Well who would? It was just too delicious. Talking of delicious, if every morning was an hors d’ouevre then every lunch was, well, LUNCH.

Well, all good things must come to an end.

Was I lonely? No.

Did I cry? No.

Was I left behind? What do you think?

Last year? In retrospect it wasn’t me it was them. This time there was no them. There was the ever professional, ever cheery, ever present  Laura, Tony and Steve and they were GREAT. Thanks to them and SADDLE SKEDADDLE I had the best time.  You just can’t beat your guides attitude and enthusiasm!

What a great journey – i’ll be back!

A fantastic write up of what sounds like a pretty awesome adventure in the Highlands! Pat will receive £250 worth of Skedaddle vouchers and will also be in with a chance of winning £1000 at the end of the year – best of luck! Feeling inspired and want to take on this Highlands challenge? For full details of our Scottish coast to coast mountain biking holiday click here

If you’d like to see more of Pat’s pictures from this trip as well as those of her guides and fellow companions, check out our flickr gallery

We also have a great short film of our trip, which you can by following this link