Discover Spain’s unique UNESCO treasures

Cultural treasures are always a great pedalling pit stop and Spain certainly has its fair share of historic gems to explore! For your chance to soak up impressive culture en route during your cycling holiday, check out our top 3 UNESCO sights to spot from the saddle…

1. Palace Alhambra and Generalife 
Fun fact: The palace is strategically placed atop a hill to give a panoramic vista of the city and its surrounding countryside – well worth the effort of ascending! Arabian in style, this fortress-like palace also borders the beautiful Generalife, also known as the ‘gardens of paradise’, both of which offer a unique insight into Andalucía’s diverse past.

2. Santiago de Compostela 
Fun fact: This spiritual city is a hubbub of activity owing to it being the final destination of a certain world famous pilgrimage! Whilst exploring old town Santiago for yourself, you really could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time, here you will find an array of Neo Classical, Romanesque Baroque and Gothic buildings, which only add to the magical feel of your final destination.

3. San Millan de la Cogolla
Fun fact: Site of the Suso and Yuso monasteries, this is known for being the birthplace of the first written words in the Spanish language – an impressive claim to fame! Our holiday utilises this monastery as accommodation, so you’ll get a totally unique insight into this striking, ancient building.