Go guided! The ultimate cycling experience in 2018

For those seeking a holiday packed full of fun, our guided tours are for youEnjoy the benefits of a trusty support vehicle, Skedaddle’s legendary picnic lunches and our friendly, informative guides! Here are 4 guided holidays to watch in 2018…
Say hola to the home of flamenco and Andalucia’s historic heart! This city to city tour is packed full of Moorish castles and stunning Sierras backdrops.
Discover Italy’s southern secrets on this relaxed guided tour of the country’s stunning coastline. Cyclists can expect traditional culture and beautiful beaches.
Cypress trees, endless fields of poppies and some of Tuscany’s most famous historical towns provide an idyllic setting for this historic cycling challenge.
The so-called hawaii of Europe is waiting! Don’t miss this incredible island escape, where cyclists can expect some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable!
Our border-hopping classic takes you all the way from the lush, green valleys of Austria to the sparkling shores of Northern Italy’s amazing Lake Garda.
Need more information? We recommend you check out our dedicated blog: 7 stages of a guided cycling holiday, your chance for a closer look at what you can expect.