Join a group! How to get the most out of your ride

Cycling as part of a group can be one of the most enjoyable and pleasant experiences for any cyclist, not least because you get the unrelenting wit and charisma of our guides en route! But joining a group ride is more than just a chance to make some new friends – it’s a very rewarding experience all around! But don’t just believe our words, hear from our amazing guides why cycling as a group will help you get the most out of your ride…


Greater support…
It’s good for encouragement and confidence boosting. Also, in a group you share loads of good tips, mutual support and skills like maintenance and style of riding. You will definitely share some great conversations.  And it’s also safer to travel as a group.   – Suzanne Clark

Fun multiplied and accomplishments validated! – Dawn Rugman

It’s always easier with friends. Support and encouragement are vital when you’re taking on a cycling challenge. – Tim Carpenter

 Making new friends…
It’s not rare for a group of people to become great friends on a group cycling holidays. As a guide, I often hear people planning future trips together while still on a trip. And problems are easier to deal with as a group too. – Doug Hyde

Meeting new people who enjoy cycling and sharing knowledge and travel experiences is so rewarding! Usually with such support you get the best out of your cycling. Also, it helps to avoid the insanity of talking to yourself! – Tony Stoddart

We are all in this together…
At the end of the day you’re all on a journey riding a bike: where you come from and social status is not important. – Isobel Riley


Feeling inspired?
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