Gorrick / Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series mountain biking event – Valentine Special

Once again Skedaddle mountain biking holidays are sponsoring the Gorrick Spring Series and giving away some fab prizes for the lucky category winners and random spot prizes too. The series kicked of on 14th February and here’s the news of all that occured…

-Well dear I thought for this Valentines Day we could pop over to the woods for a few hours and get a bit dirty¦. and so the first Gorrick Skedaddle Spring Series finally got underway at last and now with Tunnel Hill temporarily renamed The Tunnel of Love, riders were again in for a singletrack love fest as a perfectly crafted 5 mile circuit complete with a romantic interlude, plus plenty of the famous ‘Gorrick’ swoops and descents, balanced with a couple of killer stings in the tail lay in wait. Another perfect day out for well over 550 riders was in store that not even a quick smattering of snow could deter!

On the dot of 9am it was soon time to get the XC racing under way and pride of place to cutting up the trails went to the Youth riders followed by the juveniles, while the uber keen under 12’s & under 10’s waited patiently to get stuck into a shortened version of the big course. Matthew Lewis made short work of his two laps in the snow taking the first win of the day in the Youth class, whilst Gretel Warner romped away with the win in the Juvenile girls race.

Then it was a steady conveyor belt of perfectly timed races, as one category after another were unleashed. As one batch finished another was already underway painting the trails with brightly coloured garb that fleetingly looked as if spring had arrived early and certainly cheered up the drab winter colours! Just in case proceedings weren’t colourful enough and the sprinkling of unforecast snow not delivering the right amount of romance, the thoughtful Gorrick crew had kindly set out a plethora of red balloons and heart festooned ribbons and a canoe¦. All as a homage to Valentines Day, and so ˜Canoe “ darling Corner’ was born!

As each race unfolded it was soon clear that along with plenty of old faces there was a considerable showing of new faces along with a new tempo. After a winter of enduro races these riders were keen to quicken the pace and shorten the distance ready for the new season of XC racing. Many of the categories were taken to the line with everything to play for as competitors dug deep looking for their racing legs that for some had been well buried over the winter!

It wasn’t just the winners of each category that went home delighted with a days work, plenty of riders were buzzing with enthusiasm over the fantastically fun course as they laid siege to the catering van drinking them out of hot beverages and eating them out of bacon butties. A few other riders had more reasons than most to be happy with their day in the woods, especially Sport rider Adam Westhead who took home the Saddle Skedaddle Mountain Biking Holiday break and Howard Dale in the Fun race who won a 1:1 Skills session courtesy of Gorrick, Purple Bike Shed and InsideOut Fitness.

Round three will be with us on 7th March at Crowthorne and with Mothers Day just round the corner will we find homage to daffodils and bunnies? I know for certain we’ll find some amazing trails and a whole lot of XC fun!

Chief Skedaddle mountain biking guide Steve Woods will be at this event, ready to have a chat and share his thoughts on the merits of brown sauce as opposed to red on his sausage butties, so look out for the Skedaddle landy and he’ll be knocking around.

For more details of the Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series please visit: www.gorrick.com

Full results can be found at: www.timelaps.co.uk while you can relive the whole race through pictures at www.joolzedymond.com

Mountain bikers battle the elements (not elephants) and have a fun day out in Kielder

Congratulations to all the hardy  mountain bikers  who completed or attempted the  initial 2010 Kielder Marathon of 2010.

A  well wrapped up bunch braved the elements and enjoy the odd ray of sunshine along the way, with the winners coming away with Saddle Skedaddle Holiday vouchers, which can be used on any of our cycling holidays, road cycling holiday or mountain biking holidays or UK mountain bike or road weekends.


The next Kielder event is the classic Border Raid (yep heads from England to Scotland) over some of the country’s most dramatic scenery and is scheduled in for 08 May 2010

For more information about the event contact the guys at Kielder Trail Reavers – click here or email Skedaddle‘s own Reaver Andy Scott at the office on andy@skedaddle.co.uk and don’t forget that if you don’t want to ride the event, but just fancy coming along for a chat with Skedaddle or to help out at the Border Raid, then an extra pair of hands goes are always appreciated.

For the full race Kielder Marathon race / event report click here

Skedaddle Win a Best Tour Operator Award at the Guardian / Observer Travel Awards 2009

We are extremely proud to say that we have won a Best Small Tour Operator award in the Guardian / Observer Travel Awards 2009


It’s the first time that we’ve ever entered and as the first cycling / biking holiday tour operator to win we’re chuffed to bits.

A massive Skedaddle thank you to all our customers who voted for us and it just goes to show what a loyal customer following we have!!

Thanks again and here’s to seeing you all Skedaddlin’ soon

Andrew, Paul and all at Saddle Skedaddle

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