Skedaddle UK Mountain Bike Weekend in The Quantocks

A very sunny backdrop created the mood for some great  mountain bike rides  in the Quantocks last weekend, as you can see below!! Can’t always guarantee the sunshine, but we’ve loads of UK mountain biking and road weekends to pick from throughout the year




Hopefully the weather will be just as glorious in September for the next Quantocks weekend
More photos of the weekend are:

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Going big in Queenstown NZ! – On a permanent holiday in New Zealand !

Thought i’d drop all the Skedaddle people a little post to let you know what me and Laura are up to, since we left the UK.

We’ve been in Queenstown for about  3 months now, and we’re loving it!

I’ve got a job  fixing bikes in Queenstown and Laura is selling clothes! (so she’s happy!)

I’ve been biking in a few places in my time with Skedaddle, and i’ve seen some great trails and some great riders, but i think Queenstown has to be the craziest mountain bike destination

This place seems to have a really high concentration of great riders who think nothing of throwing themselves.. and bikes off huge gaps and jumps and to top it all off, there actually (annoyingly) really nice people who are more than happy to give you a few pointers to help improve your riding, (tips for me mostly have been along the ‘stop being such a p**** and go for it’ variety) but it seems to be working as my wheels seem to actually be leaving the ground when i go for a jump these days!

And don’t even get me started on the scenery, lord of the rings didn’t even do it justice!

infact it’s sooo good over here i’m going to have to try and set up a trip for Skedaddle, but maybe with a few less death defying drops!…or maybe a gentler cycling holiday instead?

so watch this space and maybe in a while you’ll find yourself over here and loving it too!



p.s, i only took these pictures it’s not me on the bike. (my sense of self preservation is still annoyingly to high!)







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