Ivan from Bulgaria visits Sardinia…

So finally the day arrived, when Bulgarian ¬†guide met Sardinia… Ivan’s arrival in our beloved island did not go unoticed by the locals, as he was welcomed with a now familiar cry to most Skedaddle guides: “UDRI-UINO”!! A cry that has now become part of the local language used by all MTB’s in Sardinia when greeting on the trails…..as well as to frighten the wild boar!


Ivan had the opportunity to meet all the Skedaddle Italia gang. Being in Sardinia, there is no need of an excuse to get together for some good local food and wine! Not to mention the biking!

Ivan left Sardinia for Bulgaria reluctantly, but well provisioned with 2 litres of local red wine, 2 litres of Davide’s home made Olive oil and Pecorino Cheese of course – maybe enough to keep him going for a while, till Skedaddle Italia team meets Ivan in Bulgaria! UDRI-UINO!

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