Messin about in Moab!

-Grand Canyon and Moab offer the opportunity of exploring one of the natural wonders of the world, and one of the best mountain biking locations – all in one 15 day adventure. That what the brochure said and after stumping up the required dough I just turned up at the airport – it was that easy, I even persuaded my girlfriend to come along. This brochure was from ‘Saddle Skedaddle‘ that had passed my way one miserable morning in Derby and this particular trip caught my eye. The only question one needed answering was -can I take my SPD’s ? (Yes) – everything was provided, along with food, transport, accommodation, etc.
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Leisurely Lofoten – Cycling Holiday in the Lofoten Islands of Norway

Have you ever taken your bike with you on holiday, given your bike a little change of scenery from the slug road!!

Bill and I have had two super holidays in recent years cycling around Orkney in Scotland and Denmark (fairly flat terrain!) but last year we did something a little bit different and went on an organised trip. I am master of holiday planning in our house so I decided, with some trepidation I might add; to join an organised trip with a cycling holiday firm but the experience was fabulous. We went for a 10 day trip round the Lofoten Islands of Norway.
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Baja Bliss

We arrived safely in Mexico, the Baja peninsular to be precise. The first night spent getting to know the other group members some of who were thankfully looking as unfit as me. Day one’s sea kayaking went well but when the Mexican members “ including none other than the French Ambassador from Mexico city “ and yes we did crack all the jokes possible about dodgy 70’s Ferrero Roche adverts, appeared next morning with their full suspension bikes, walkie talkies, Platypus backpacks and all the proper gear, it was obvious that this was going to be no ordinary holiday. Continue reading Baja Bliss

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