Skedaddle into 2018!

Attention fellow cycling enthusiasts! With 2018 dates and prices now online, we’re officially ready to introduce our range of holidays that move you next year. Alongside our exisiting, best-selling range, take a peek at some of our mind-blowing new trips in 2018:

1. Fuji to Tokyo, Japan
Best for: Adventurous souls seeking a classic journey in the Far East | In a nutshell: We’ve handpicked a route featuring some of Japan’s biggest cultural lures for awe-inspiring city-to-city journey promising plenty of wow-factor.

2. Green Heart of Umbria, Italy
Best for: Leisure lovers inspired by stunning landscapes and history | In a nutshell: Bordering Tuscany and boasting many similar idyllic charms, this is a fab alternative to its famed neighbor, with fewer tourists to spoil the view…

3. Alpine Adventure, Italy and France
Best for: Mountain bikers seeking enduro-style thrills | In a nutshell: High Alpine snaking ridge trails provide a breathtaking backdrop for a week of epic biking fun.

4. Magical Lake Bled, Slovenia
Best for: Families eager for an action packed week bursting with fun | In a nutshell: Gorgeous Lake Bled is a natural wonderland that cannot fail to stir the soul and comes packed with fun off the bike too.

5. Lost World of Sao Miguel, The Azores
Best for: Road cyclists looking for exotic climbing experiences | In a nutshell: Prepare for a thrilling mix of dramatic road cycling experiences, a land where volcanic craters and emerald green lakes greet you around every bend.