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Enchanting China!

Step back in time in China this year and explore the sublime scenery of Guilin and Guangxi by bike. Book now for your chance to save 5%*, or if you need more convincing, take a look at what past Skedaddlers have to say:

Tantalise the tastebuds…
The food was delicious and all very fresh. Our guide was able to choose a varied selection for us each day, so we got to taste a wide variety of local and seasonal meals.” Anne, Warwickshire

Local traditions…
I think we were very fortunate to see rural landscapes and hardworking Chinese farming going about their daily lives, much as they have been for centuries.” Jenny, UK

Lesser visited accommodation…
I loved the rural hotels and guest houses and was amazed at the amount of research that must have been needed to find these in locations which were often hidden away.” Mark, Edinburgh

A winning combination…
We had high expectations for this holiday, yet found that each day succeeded in surpassing anything we had anticipated. It just got better and better, day after day.”  Teresa, Somerset

Feeling inspired? For full holiday details and to discover more about our enchanting journey through rural China click here.

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Peru: Experience ancient wonders in 2018

Adventure is apparent around every bend of Peru, an epic South American destination famed for its ancient culture and dramatic high-altitude scenery! With Inca Trail permits now released for purchase and a new biking trip here, we take a closer look at what you can expect…

We say: 
Whether discovering the floating reed islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca, navigating the Sacred Valley’s many ancient Incan ruins, heading high up into the dramatic Andes to tackle some challenging singletrack or exploring the historical capital Cusco…our adventures in Peru offer a melting pot of experiences and different terrain to inspire every rider, your chance for a unique glimpse into an ancient past. All this plus the chance to gaze upon one of the world’s biggest lures, the mighty Machu Picchu!

You say:
Another great Skedaddle adventure with the right balance of adventure, exercise, good logistics and organisation. Biking from the Andes to the Amazon rain forest was a highlight! Fabulous mix of riding, enjoying a new country with a local guide, sight-seeing and hiking! This trip was a wonderful chance to see “real” Peru.”  Tim, UK

Customer Story: Cycling in Chile, against all odds

Famed for its rolling vineyards and impressive Andes Mountain backdrop, our gently paced holiday in Chile’s Wine Country offers a great insight into wine production, with some pretty spectacular views and stunning accommodation on the side. Having recently headed off to Chile to try this tour for himself,  Professor Chris Oliver shares his story and experience of joining us for a ride in South America…

‘Active ageing is the new buzz term for sustaining physical activity and literacy into older age. I have long tried to stay fit and mentally active by cycling, however my journey has been far from simple.

In the last decade I have cycled with Saddle Skeddadle and have completed wonderful journeys; Sierras to the Sea, LEJOG, C2C, Way of the Roses, Cambodia and on this occasion a wine tour of the central valley between the Andes and Coastal Range in Chile. My journeys have never been simple due to type II diabetes, a hidden disability I have battled with diabetes for over 20 years. Going on a Chilean gastronomic wine cycling tour was not going to be easy; but I try to live a normal life as possible.

Cycling in Chile was wonderful. A very friendly country. The wines are exceptional and the Carminere wine was my favorite. It was a challenge to keep my blood sugars under control but the cycling energy expended keep my sugars in reasonable balance. The local Chilean Skeddadle cycle guides Ernesto Palm Del Curto and Vicho Fernandez from are professional superb cycle guides and very helpful coping with my diabetes. The cycling culture in Chile is fast evolving and we rode on several sections of segregated cycleways which would be the envy of many global cities.

Cycling through to the Pacific Ocean and surf to Pichelemu and Llico we stayed at sexy modern beach resorts with more wine tastings in sometimes modern or ancient wineries. Prior to my cataract surgery I would never had seen the wonderful azure blue of the Pacific Ocean.

During the last three years I really did not expect to become Professor of Physical Activity for Health at the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre at The University of Edinburgh. Here I’ve been a national physical activity advocate and engaged in “sit less, move more” research and policies. More recently I’ve joined the Obesity Action Campaign to try to reengage the failed national obesity policy, a fatal losing battle so far. We all need to know more about physical literacy which is a bit like the realisation of emotional intelligence.

Something new happens every day for me, it’s been a roller coaster. The cycling has really helped me keep my life together. However, I really regret becoming obese, and the diabetes I’ll never escape from. Fortunately, I have a new lease of life and there’s too many exciting things to do now. Will just have to do a lot more cycling.’

Feeling inspired? Chris joined us on our cycling holiday through Chile’s world-famous Wine Country. Lonely Planet have also announced Chile as their number 1 destination in Best in Travel 2018 list and we have 4 amazing cycling holidays for you to choose from that explore this South American gem!