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NEW! Skedaddlin’ in Slovenia

Looking for something exciting to enjoy on two wheels in 2018? Look no further than the stunning country of Slovenia, which boasts not 1, but 3 amazing new biking holidays next year. Here are a few reasons why we can’t get enough of the country:

1. It’s small but perfectly formed
Beautiful, fairytale-like landscapes really do greet you on an almost constant basis! This natural wonderland is blessed with many tranquil lakes, ethereal gorges and unspoilt woodland, making it an ideal destination for exploring by bike.

2. There’s a great mix of cycling for all to enjoy
Choose to stay around gorgeous Lake Bled on a relaxed centre-based experience, or kick things up a gear and try our Capital to Coast place-to-place journey. Whatever your preference, we’ve got it covered!

3. It’s home some of the most impressive caves in Europe
Travellers to the region won’t have to worry about things to do off the bike! Alongside the chance to soak up national parks, world-famous karst caves await those who fancy some underground exploring.

Customer Story: Bike, Boats and Pizza

We’ve been receiving some fantastic holiday photos and memories from you all Summer and its great to see how you’ve been getting along on your cycling holidays! One family returning from a leisure cycling holiday from Lake Garda to Venice in Italy sent us in a great selection of smiling cycling shots as well as a lovely poem, which gave us a great flavour of their time away! Here’s their tale of Italian leisure cycling:

‘When asking the children what kind of holiday they’d like,
Their answer was definite, ”a tour on a bike”.
So we browsed through the trips offered by Saddle Skedaddle,
And chose Lake Garda to Venice as our option to pedal.

The booking went smoothly, the team were efficient,
At answering questions and listing equipment.
They can supply all your needs down to a puncture repair kit,
All we had to do was pack light and keep fit!

At the start of our tour we were met by Lorenzo,
Who delivered our bikes, gave us maps and good info.
From then on we could go at the pace that we liked,
As long as we reached each hotel with our bikes.

We took a ferry ride on Lake Garda and then cycled until we arrived,
To the Renaissance city of Verona, for a day off to wander and feel revived.
Montagnana and Padova were also on our route,
We cycled to them by day and in the evening, explored them by foot.

Venice is quite stunning, you should book more time here if you like,
It’s a city of many bridges and exploring is better on foot, than by bike.
We ended in Chioggia after taking ferries galore,
On giving all the bikes back, we wished there was a few days more.

Thank you Saddle Skedaddle, we loved our trip through to the end,
And in Italy of all places there is one thing we can recommend.
The key to making us all pedal faster,
Was to eat lots of gelato and big bowls of pasta!’

Feeling inspired by the Clarks poem and pictures? We have both a leisure and family cycling holiday here, why not check both our Lake Garda to Venice cycling holidays in full and maybe you could be taking on an Italian adventure too!

What’s so good about our cycling holidays…

We’ve been travelling the world on our bikes for more than 20 years and what inspired us all those years ago still inspires us today. That travel should move you and that there is no better way to meet a place properly – its people, its culture, its natural wonders – than by bike.

We don’t do passing by, we do pedalling through
You can do something wonderful on two wheels, whether it’s weaving around cobbled city streets or pumping the knees with the hilltop picnic point in sight. Our local guides and their knowledge of the best food, wine and sights, give you an unrivalled opportunity to discover more about the people of a country and their culture; to really meet a place you’ll never want to forget.

A very different kind of ‘all inclusive’
We believe in being outdoors. In the rain and the wind, in sunshine and stillness. We plan for whatever the day has in store for us and look forward to being surprised. Because unlike back home there’s no autopilot or zoning out, we’re here to feel everything we can. All the sights and sounds, the odd bump along the way, just pedalling on and breathing it all in.

Life’s too short to not ride a bike
Medieval towns, rural villages, 
cafés in the harbour; views, smells, endorphins, goat bells and warm breezes, beads of sweat and the best bloomin’ picnics you’ve ever tasted. Meeting new people and sharing your journey with them, makes for the freshest and most enjoyable type of experience.

Whether you choose to go for our small-guided parties of around 6 to 15 people or decide to ride self-guided with friends or family, our hand-picked destinations and routes, led by local experts, are designed to make sure everyone has an incredible time.