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Top tips from the Guides…

We’re pretty proud of our guides at Skedaddle and we know that they’re a big part of making so many of your cycling holidays that extra bit special! During our catch up with this charismatic bunch at our annual guide gathering, we wanted to find out what their best advice for the coming season is…

With many of you planning to head off for yourself in the next few months, here’s our guides top pre-departure suggestions. LEJOG leader Richard Blackmore has plenty of experience in the saddle and advises, ‘If you’re taking your bike with you, make sure its been properly checked over’, whilst Cumbrian-based Anne Woods suggests getting out on your bikes before because ‘a little training can help improve your enjoyment no end’. Not quite sure what to pack? New guide on the block Dan Smith told us you should always, ‘come prepared for all types of weather’.

During the trip…
With so much experience guiding over the years, we’d like to think our guides know a thing or two about how to enjoy yourself when away too. UK guide Wayne Curry has tackled a few cheeky climbs in his time and for those tempted to get off their bikes and push he reminds us of a simple fact, ‘your legs don’t have gears, but your bike does.’ And finally our Italian guide Lieven shares his golden manifesto, ‘Remember…you’re on holiday!’


Keep your eyes peeled…
This year the Saddle Skedaddle team takes on the Lake District once again! Each year we organise a get together for all of our guides around the globe, a great opportunity to catch up, ride bikes, drink local beers and even do a bit of training! Folks from the Head Quarters also join the fun!

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Guide Profile: Giuseppe De Maria

We are happy to announce the winner of our December Guides Competition: Congrats, Giuseppe!

As an ex-pro rider this chap certainly knows a thing or two about the world of road cycling and can be spotted on lots of our Italian road cycling holidays! We caught up with our resident race-cat to find out how Skedaddle gives him the opportunity to combine his two passions in life…


Full name: Giuseppe De Maria

  1. What do you like most about Saddle Skedaddle?
    Skedaddle is the opportunity to enjoy my passions: ride a bike and travel in beautiful landscapes.
  2. Give your best piece pre-trip of advice for customers
    Choose the suitable tour grade for your own athletic ability.
  3. Which trip are you most excited about in our holiday range?
    Tuscany Tourer and Taste of Tuscany: amazing hills, superb food and wine, dreamy views. Furthermore,  the south of Italy is magic!
  4. What would your chosen superpower be?
    Be able to do 6,5 watt/kg for 1 hour climb, like Froome… it really is a superpower! 😉
  5. What’s your favourite power snack and why?
    Ice cream, of course!!! When I’m riding hard, there is always a moment when I eat sugar.

We definitely agree with Giuseppe, cycling and travelling is the best way to live!

Guide Profile: Alessandro Beltramini Boveri

Meet Alessandro!

He is one of our regular guides based in Sardinia, so there’s a big chance you already met him on your cycling trip to Italy with us! In a bid to share our wonderfully talented team with you all, we decided to drag Alessandro away from his bike and the beach, to hear all about his favourite cycling stories…


Full Name: Alessandro Beltramini Boveri

  1. What do you like most about Saddle Skedaddle?

    I attended my first guides weekend in 2013 in Sardinia and from that Spring I started guiding more and more often. Last summer I became a full time Skedaddler! What I like the most about Skedaddle is that you feel like you are a part of a big family.
  2. Give your best piece pre-trip of advice for customers

    Carrying light elbow and knee pads on certain mountain biking trips makes everything smoother!
  3. Which trip are you most excited about in our holiday range?

    Any tour that features long days, breathtaking views and, of course, exhilarating single tracks! Luckily, there is a perfect one for me and it’s a ‘Sardinia Traverse’ mountain biking trip! Roadies will be more interested in ‘Sardinia Mountains’ holiday and it’s smooth tarmac.
  4. What would your chosen superpower be?
    If I could choose a superpower it would be… to fly!
  5. What’s your favourite power snack and why?
    Something that is light in the backpack and is long lasting energy. Dried fruit, seeds and nuts are the best for me when I’m in the wild all day and there are no Skedaddle vans around.


Congrats to Alessandro who is our September winner of a Guides Competition! He shared with us some amazing photos from his trips and we hope there’s many more to come in the future.