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Customer Story: La Via Claudia in motion

Our La Via Claudia cycling holiday in Northern Italy is a great opportunity to explore beautiful cycle paths, accompanied by stunning views of the Alps – a trip that really immerses you in breath taking natural beauty. For your chance to see what all the fuss is about, take a peek at this great video from our latest competition winnersJoanna and her family, and prepare for immediate wanderlust…

Feeling inspired? Our La Via Claudia route is one of our most popular leisure cycling trips in Europe, and is ideal for those wishing to experience the beauty of the Alps on two wheels! In 2018 we are intruducing a self-guided option of this well-loved holiday, so you can now enjoy stunning views completely at your own pace.

3 two-wheeled trips that will go down in history

Ancient castles, tranquil countryside and tales of time gone by are just a few of the experiences you can enjoy when you taking on a historical journey by bike. For those seeking a route packed full of ancient wonder, take a look at our holiday picks below…

1. Best for: Your chance to cycle a world-famous pilgrimage | Trip: Camino de Santiago, Spain
We say: The legendary Camino is packed full of challenge and culture, taking you on a rollercoaster ride across Northern Spain – a bucket-list journey for any keen cyclist seeking an experience that will reward you en route.

2. Best for: A journey exploring Italy’s prized UNESCO Tuscan treasures| Trip: A Taste of Tuscany
We say: From charming medieval towns to the impressive piazza of Siena, a visit here will feel like you’ve cycled into an immersive history lesson. Combine that with the famous local cuisine and you’ve got a two-wheeled trip made in heaven.

Best for: A border-hopping journey exploring ancient Roman routes | Trip: La Via Claudia, Austria and Italy
We say: Whether admiring Alpine vistas or sparkling lakes, you’ll never be far from stunning scenery whilst cycling the Via Claudia. If this isn’t enough, you’ll also get to tick off two countries, rather than one!

Seasonal cycling: Where to go when

Make the most of the seasons this year! Don’t miss our recommended guaranteed departures in Europe, where there is a stupendous season for every cyclist to enjoy…

Best for: Spring
We say: Riding alongside blooming wildflowers will be a common occurrence across Europe. Expect warm and pleasant conditions, but pack your mack, just incase.
Trip Recommendations: Ruta de la Plata (MTB),  Corsica Southern Secrets (Road) & Alnmouth (Leisure)

Best for: Summer
We say: The most popular season for a cycle ride has plenty to offer those eager to get away. A great time to experience lashings of vitamin D, as well as refreshing post-ride dips to cool off.
Trip Recommendations: La Via Claudia (Leisure), Lake District Bike Skills (Family) & Ruta del Vino (Road) 

Seasonal cycling in: Autumn
We say: Who said the cycling fun was over? Escape the summer crowds and experience late season sun on your bike when you choose to travel later in the year.
Trip Recommendations: Italy Grand Traverse (Road), Portugal Roman Trails (MTB) & Granada to Seville (Leisure)

Not fussed about when you travel? Be sure to check out our full range of up-to-date guaranteed departures this year, or choose by your perferred type of riding:

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