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Italy: An adventure for all mountain bikers

Bike the best of Italy in 2018! Whilst the tourists soak up the world-famous cultural hot spots, our biking trails aim to take you off the beaten track in search of Italy’s lesser-visited natural wonders…

Biking in Italy has something for every rider, whether you’re looking for thrilling trails and enduro-style biking, or journeys exploring a range of technical terrain. Luckily these come served with plenty of local Italian charm and some mind-blowing scenery too (you need only join us in Sardinia to see what you’re missing!) All this, plus lashings of sunshine…what’s not to love?” Naomi Lindfield, Head of Skedaddle Italia

Naomi’s Trip Picks…

1. Trip: Via Francigena (Tuscany to Rome) | Best for: An off-road journey featuring cultural sights en route
Expect a variety of experiences, from biking past vineyards to stretches of singletrack, as well ancient Roman treasures and St Peter’s Square en route – a very special journey”

2. Trip: Sardinian Enduro | Best for: The chance to test your skills on thrilling trails
Our local guides have cooked up a treat for all those experienced bikers looking for a fun way to experience miles on miles of wild singletrack. A new tour you won’t want to miss!”

3. Trip: Dolomites of Brenta | Best for: A cross-country challenge through stunning mountain scenery
Prepare for breathtaking views as you navigate this inspiring journey through the mighty Dolomites. Aimed at all tyoes of bikers this is a true cross-country adventure.”

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A Guide To Winter Biking

This time of year can be tough for all of us based in the UK. With the tendency for wet weather and muddy trails it’s not difficult to get downhearted about riding during these winter months. There is some consolation though in that we can ride our bikes year round, our trails are not buried under snow for 3 months of the year, nor are our summers so blistering hot to keep us indoors or in the shade.

With some good riding habits it is possible to ride through the winter and arrive in the spring feeling fit and with riding skills honed for a summer of adventures. Here are some tips that our Mountain Biking Product Manager Matt Cain have picked up over the years riding year-round:

1. Make it Fun
Make sure that every time you get out on your bike that you enjoy yourself. Unless you are a pro or have serious fitness goals then this is not the time for all-day suffer-fests. Instead design a fun route, head out with some good riding buddies and plan for a mid-ride butty or post-ride ale.

Photo by Lighttrapper Photography

2. Choose the right trails
Seek out some local all-weather trails or well-surfaced bridleways to avoid the slop-fest that moorland trails can be in the winter. Trail centres are also great for reliable riding whatever the weather.

3. Commute for bonus miles
If practical, commuting by bike is a great way to get in regular rides and some bonus training miles. One you are in the habit of getting on the bike every morning its far easier to face the dark each day. Have your kit laid out the night before, your bike sorted and spare socks and undies at work to make sure you are never caught out!

4. Get your kit sorted
Splashing out on some good quality wet weather kit will make a huge difference and it needn’t be expensive. Baselayers and tights are cheap, and waterproof socks, good gloves and a proper waterproof jacket are excellent value for money for keeping you safe and happy.

5. Think outside the box
You don’t necessarily need to be riding your bike to be getting better at riding your bike! An occasional turbo trainer session will keep your fitness topped up and strength and conditioning work including regular stretching or Yoga/Pilates will help overcome any niggling injuries.

Photo by Lighttrapper Photography

6. Make a commitment
Agree to meet your buddies for a ride – it will be more fun and harder to back out if there is a little drizzle forecast. A significant event or holiday in the Spring or early Summer will give you a little extra motivation to get out and enjoy a ride.

If all else fails, remember that it doesn’t always have to be ‘fun’ to be fun! Sometimes you’ll get wet, dirty and get home in the dark, but rest assured you’ll reap the rewards once the days get longer and trails drier.

Looking forward to riding in the sun? Check out our Mountain biking range for your chance to soak up the sun on two wheels and enjoy some excellent trails later this year.

Discover our best-loved MTB experiences in 2017

Our mountain biking holidays are all about experiencing the best trails that nature can throw at us! Take a closer look at some of this year’s most popular trails, and what makes them so good.

1. Best for: Escaping into rural Andalucía on a genuine, wild journey
Trip: Trans Andaluz, Spain
We say:  Cork oak forests, rural villages, technical descents and a fantastic finish in vibrant coastal town, Tarifa.
You say: The guides were a wealth of knowledge and their patient guidance and encouragement given throughout the entire trip allowed me to develop.” Kirsty, Manchester

2. Best for: Riders wanting to combine fun biking with classic Italian culture
Trip: Via Francigena, UK
We say: An ancient pilgrimage route packed full of rolling countryside and a dramatic finale at St Peter’s Square.
You say: “A good mix of riding and very picturesque.” Richard, Derbyshire

3. Best for: A taste of classic technical trails which the Lake District is famed for
Trip: Awesome Ambleside, UK
We say: Challenging and incredibly scenic natural trails offer an unrivalled opportunity to explore this region.
You say: The rides were tough and exciting but most of all challenging and the views and countryside were amazing.” William, Lancashire

4. Best for: The ultimate mountain riding experience
Trip: Sacred Singletrack, Peru
We say: The world’s finest enduro-style trails cannot fail to impress bikers in search of exhilarating singletrack.
You say: “Very challenging riding, but that’s exactly what I wanted!” John, Hertfordshire