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Customer Story: Colombian Inspiration

Our impressive road cycling holiday in Colombia, Emerald Mountains,  has been inspiring Skedaddlers for some time now! Recent rider of this route Cathy MacDonald felt so motivated by the incredible Colombian roads on offer that she sent us in a poem summarising her time away with us…


There was a group of 16 with Skeddadle
On the saddles of their bikes they did pedal
From the heights of Bogota
To the seas of Cartagena
They splashed, puffed, bumped and showed their mettle

They thought that Letras was tough
But Tomas said that’s not enough
Add 14 percent grade
Avoid the roads that are paved
Now that’s our Colombian stuff

Potholes, protests, rain, dogs and heat slowed us down
Tito, Oscar and Juana were there to bring us around
Andrew brought up the back
With a quip and a fix to many a flat
So all arrived safely by sundown.

So raise a toast to this group
A thoroughly gritty troop
We’ll miss the “rolling” hills
Cold showers and rice meals
Adios amigos, hope we meet again soon.


Cathy now joins our growing list of Customer Competition winning entries – we’re sure you’ll agree this is a worthwhile winner! If you’re feeling inspired, read more about our road cycling holiday in Colombia for a chance to experience this beautiful (and challenging) part of the world yourself!

Customer Story: Cycling Colombia, So You Think You Can Climb?

Congratulations to Jan and Chris who are our February Customer Competition winners! One of our favourite things to do is to read stories from our Skedaddlers and we were in for a treat when this pair shared with us an overview of their time in Colombia. Featuring the challenges of the Alto de Letras (that is reputed to be the longest climb in the world), friendly locals and amazing scenery, they sure had the time of their lives. Keep reading to hear more about their cycling experience…

‘Chris and I have recently finished an organised 12 day cycling trip in Colombia with Saddle Skedaddle and, if you like climbing, take a look at this trip.


We started in Bogota, which is at an altitude of 2,625m and finished on the Caribean coast at Cartagena. As the Andes enter Colombia they split into three cordilleras (mountain ranges) and we spent the next 10 days crossing over them – up and down.   Perhaps the highlight, if you can call it that, was climbing the Alto de Letras which climbs continuously for 82km starting at just under 500m above sea level and rising to an altitude of 3,692m and is reputed to be the longest climb in the world with a total ascent of 4,200m. We were told this was a climb of more than four vertical kilometres and wonder if this could be the climb Lucho Herrara was thinking of when he said that European mountains, such as Alpe d’Huez, were far too short for Colombians.

Apart from the cycling being first class, the scenery was wonderful. We cycled through the Zona Cafetera, stunning scenery in one of the world’s primary coffee growing regions and our rest day was in Medellin, famous for its culture and nightlife. And we cannot write this article without mentioning the Colombian people, we are now half way through our two month trip and everybody has been so friendly and helpful – we really wish we spoke more Spanish so we could fully engage with them.


So if you are interested – here’s some more facts.

12 days cycling with one rest day. Total mileage 673 miles. Total climbed 17,716 meters. It is possible to take your own bike but we hired bikes; Argon 18 all carbon with Shimano 105 11 speed compact chain set with 11/28 cassette (not always low enough for Jan, she missed her bike).

Skedaddle have been running this trip for quite a few years now and they have certainly smoothed out all the problems that can occur in running an overseas trip. We had a well organised sleek tour from start to finish, where everything was thought of and organised. If you fancy it, have a look at their website or talk to David Hall at Skedaddle as we did on a number of occasions before we left home.’


Huge thanks again and congratulations to Jan and Chris who have now won £250 worth of Skedaddle vouchers and are in with a chance to compete for a further £1000 in our annual end of the year draw! Have something to share yourself? Find out more about our Customer Competition.

Colombia: Frame-by-frame

Get an insiders perspective of our road cycling holiday  Colombia – Emerald Mountains with our latest holiday snaps

We’re strong believers that our guides are always one of the best ways to experience a holiday first-hand,  so it’s always great to get in-the-moment photos from the tours they are leading.

Alongside helping Skedaddler’s discover the incredible landscapes of Colombia,  guide John Walsh also decided to channel his inner photographer and shared his incredible saddle sights for us all to  stare at longingly in the office(#nofilterneeded)…

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.47.25

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.47.36

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.47.46

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.48.07

Feeling inspired?
If John’s photos have you chomping at the bit to head over to South America and start exploring incredible Colombia for yourself, take a closer look at our road cycling holiday by clicking here.