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Iconic Journeys: The ultimate place-to-place challenge

As far as a cycling challenge goes, our long distance iconic journeys offer some of the most rewarding experiences in our range…

Alongside ticking off more kilometres than any other holiday in our range, on a range of spectacular roads, here are a few other benefits of joining an iconic journey in 2018:

1. You experience a genuine sense of journey
Whether taking on the world famous LEJOG or sampling our French, Italian and Spanish end to end routes, all offer the chance to see everything from rural communities and remote mountain villages, to some of the world’s most impressive cities.

2. You’ll really feel the changing regions
From incredibly varied terrain to legendary lunches loaded with local delicacies and fascinating changes to the accents and dialects of the locals you’ll meet along the way, the route will continue to evolve and inspire as you make your way onwards.

3. A very different sense of achievement to conquering a climb
Travelling across a country is a totally unique experience, one quite different to the highs felt conquering a challenging mountain road. Think of it as your own personal Grand Tour…but at a more enjoyable pace.

Keen to join us in 2018?
Choose from the classic LEJOG journey in the UK, or try our other popular options: St Malo to NiceDel Norte al Surand the Grand Traverse. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting new journey in France, launching in 2018! More information coming soon…

Celebrate New Year with us in Morocco

For road cyclists seeking a unique way to celebrate the arrival of 2018, we recommend you take a look at our popular adventure in Morocco

Here impressive climbing opportunities, dramatic views and a fantastic cultural experience await the wheels.  But don’t take our word for it, having proved a hit with past Skedaddlers, see what they have to say:

A once in a lifetime experience…

“Simply the best holiday I have ever been. Challenging at times, it was an amazing adventure. I feel reborn!” Susan, UK

Amazing support…
If Carlsberg did tour guides they would do Saaid – he was superb in every way. 10 / 10.” Huw, Cheshire

Inspiring cycling routes…
The tour took us through a fantastic range of mesmerisingly beautiful climbs, descents and open space. The distance and difficulty were lung-expanding and very rewarding.” April, Manchester

It’s not just about the cycling…
“A fantastic country and cycling in the mountains was a great chance to get to meet some inquisitive locals, and observe local Berber culture and lifestyle.” Anne & Ian, Lancashire

Choose to join our special festive road cycling holiday in Morocco or plan ahead and book up one of our 2018 dates. Click here to find out more about this tour.

Soak up Italy’s best-kept secrets this season

Cycle Italy’s best-kept secrets this season and enjoy a late season escape packed full of amazing riding on near-empty roads, stunning coastal views and temperatures still well into the twenties – perfect for topping up those cycle tans!

Best for: UNESCO gems and olive grove-lined roads
Trip: The Heel of Italy, Puglia
We say: Move over Tuscany, there’s a new idyllic region vying for the hearts of explorers in Italy! Featuring considerably less tourists, but nearly the same amount of extraordinary cultural treasures, this is a destination with impressive daily discoveries, all complete with a pretty amazing coastal backdrop to boot.


Best for: An island escape featuring dramatic coastal views 
Trip: Coastal Explorer, Sardinia
We say: Boasting breathtaking views out over the idyllic Mediterranean sea and a rollercoaster route featuring lots of fun coastal riding, Sardinia has much to offer road cyclists in search of a great all-round journey this season. All this plus our legendary lunches showcasing the Island’s most delicious local delicacies…