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The most scenic road cycling in Europe

Spectacular scenery on your cycling holiday is an essential ingredient and can do wonders to help you conquer those miles! With epic vistas in mind, here are our trip picks this year featuring the most scenic road cycling routes in Europe:


1. Destination: Provence, France  | Trip: Le Ventoux a Velo | What you can expect? Few destinations can boast they have their very own answer to the Grand Canyon, but Provence’s Gorge du Verdon comes very close. If that wasn’t enough you’ll encounter one of the Tour de France’s most iconic peaks, as well as dramatic rocky archways and turquoise rivers, plenty of sights to wow en route!

2. Destination: Corsica, France | Trips: The Beautiful Isle & Southern Secrets | What can you expect? Diverse road cycling doesn’t get much better than on the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica, a destination where nature impresses around every bend. From sparkling coast to rugged, rocky inland you’ll enjoy some of the best of the Med here.

3. Destination: Sardinia, Italy | Trip: Coastal Explorer  | What can you expect? It’s no surprise that this year’s Giro D’Italia has decided to kick their 100th edition off on this incredible Italian island! For turquoise waters that rival those in the Caribbean it’s time to join us for a road trip around spectacular Sardinia, where jaw-dropping coastal views provide an inspiring backdrop as you navigate your way by bike.

Join a group! How to get the most out of your ride

Cycling as part of a group can be one of the most enjoyable and pleasant experiences for any cyclist, not least because you get the unrelenting wit and charisma of our guides en route! But joining a group ride is more than just a chance to make some new friends – it’s a very rewarding experience all around! But don’t just believe our words, hear from our amazing guides why cycling as a group will help you get the most out of your ride…


Greater support…
It’s good for encouragement and confidence boosting. Also, in a group you share loads of good tips, mutual support and skills like maintenance and style of riding. You will definitely share some great conversations.  And it’s also safer to travel as a group.   – Suzanne Clark

Fun multiplied and accomplishments validated! – Dawn Rugman

It’s always easier with friends. Support and encouragement are vital when you’re taking on a cycling challenge. – Tim Carpenter

 Making new friends…
It’s not rare for a group of people to become great friends on a group cycling holidays. As a guide, I often hear people planning future trips together while still on a trip. And problems are easier to deal with as a group too. – Doug Hyde

Meeting new people who enjoy cycling and sharing knowledge and travel experiences is so rewarding! Usually with such support you get the best out of your cycling. Also, it helps to avoid the insanity of talking to yourself! – Tony Stoddart

We are all in this together…
At the end of the day you’re all on a journey riding a bike: where you come from and social status is not important. – Isobel Riley


Feeling inspired?
Why not experience all the benefits of cycling in a group yourself by joining us on one of our guided holidays? We have more than 100 cycling trips for you to choose from! To see our full range click here.

5 reasons why a GEOBAR makes the perfect cycling snack

We’ve been big fans of GEOBARS for a while now! For over 15 years they have been pioneering a global mix of Fairtrade ingredients and encouraging everyone to ‘change the world, one bite at a time’. But sustainable ingredients are not the only thing we love about GEOBARS, they also happen to be a great cycling snack – and we take our snacks very seriously! Here are just a couple of reasons why we can’t get enough of these yummy cereal bars…

  1. Taste
    First things first, GEOBARS are simply delicious! These chewy cereal bars are all natural, made with a wonderful mix of raisins and honey, blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats and crisped rice. Choose between ‘wild apricot’, ‘mixed berries’ or ‘chocolate’, there is something for everyone! They are also suitable for vegetarians.
  1. Fibre
    These cereal bars are a great and easily accessible source of fibre. Fibre helps keep you full and satisfied (since it takes longer to digest) and is essential for the human body – you can’t argue with science, folks!
  1. Great on the go
    GEOBARS are compact, filling, napkin-free and easy to eat with one hand – passing the ultimate cycling snack test.
  1. Energy
    Whether you need a fuelling breakfast, post-ride snack to hold you until dinner, or a pick-me-up treat to keep you going mid-ride, GEOBARS are the way to go!
  1. Fairtrade
    GEOBAR is the world’s first Fairtrade cereal bar and has a truly global mix of ingredients. From Chile all the way to India, the tasty treats included have some fascinating tales to tell, and their stories can be further explored during our Meet the People holidays (cultural experiences with Fairtrade producers coordinated by our HQ team in Newcastle too!). For more information about these trips and to find out how you can meet the amazing people who produce the GEOBAR ingredients click here.


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Try for yourself…
If you can’t wait to sample a delicious Fairtrade cereal bar, fear not! We are going to be giving away few boxes of these GEOBARS very soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for your chance to claim a box for yourself.