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Bike Swaziland! Africa’s best kept secret

Join our latest mountain bike journey in the wild kingdom of Swaziland, singletrack and sundowners! Here you can experience lesser visited trails, on a once in a lifetime journey taking in some of the world’s most mighty mammals. Watch our video for a sneak peek, or read on t o discover more:

Challenging trails to thrill en route…
During the course of the trip there will be everything from flowing singletrack across grassy meadows to smooth forest dirt roads, as well as some short sections of granite slickrock to boot. All this with epic vistas to accompany you…what’s not to like?

A fun-filled journey bursting with varied experiences…
The first few days we will be riding in the mountainous area in the west, then descending to the lower hills and wildlife abundant grasslands of Nkonyeni, before the final leg of the tour in the enchanting forests of Mbuluzi in the far north-east.

Wonderful wildlife around every bend…
Swaziland is a hugely underrated safari destination where you can see many of Africa’s biggest mammals! As you explore this stunning destination you can expect to be sharing the trails with plenty of giraffes, as well as getting the chance to spot rhino and other mesmerising exotic animals.

Eager to secure your place? For more information about our new mountain biking tour click here. If African trails don’t do it for you, take a look at our other exciting new long-haul adventure Andean Journey , a cross country journey exploring remote trails in Peru.

Soak up the Swazi sights on our new tour in 2018

Take a ride on the wild side in 2018 and discover a warm welcome packed full of wow-factor wildlife…

Sawubona Swaziland  our amazing new biking destination bursting with rarely seen experiences that adventure seekers will love.

From spotting some of the biggest mammals from the saddle to soaking up the ancient traditions that few other travellers experience, this is a journey that promises to inspire from the get-go. Having visited earlier this year, our videographer Olly (see his fantastic video above!) had this to say:

As an adventure filmmaker, I spend my life looking for amazing visual images to help tell a story. Swaziland’s fantastic combination of striking scenery, vibrant colours and beautiful light left an indelible imprint in my mind. Cycling through Swaziland with Saddle Skedaddle will be a treat for your other senses too – from the pre-dawn roar of a mighty Lion to the smoky aroma of an evening braai with a private chef, this is a trip that you won’t forget in a hurry!

Looking for more two-wheeled inspiration? 
If you want something a little more technical we recommend you check out the MTB version of this tour,Singletrack and Sundowners. For something a little bit different, we also have two exciting new cycling adventures in Japan.

What’s so good about our cycling holidays…

We’ve been travelling the world on our bikes for more than 20 years and what inspired us all those years ago still inspires us today. That travel should move you and that there is no better way to meet a place properly – its people, its culture, its natural wonders – than by bike.

We don’t do passing by, we do pedalling through
You can do something wonderful on two wheels, whether it’s weaving around cobbled city streets or pumping the knees with the hilltop picnic point in sight. Our local guides and their knowledge of the best food, wine and sights, give you an unrivalled opportunity to discover more about the people of a country and their culture; to really meet a place you’ll never want to forget.

A very different kind of ‘all inclusive’
We believe in being outdoors. In the rain and the wind, in sunshine and stillness. We plan for whatever the day has in store for us and look forward to being surprised. Because unlike back home there’s no autopilot or zoning out, we’re here to feel everything we can. All the sights and sounds, the odd bump along the way, just pedalling on and breathing it all in.

Life’s too short to not ride a bike
Medieval towns, rural villages, 
cafés in the harbour; views, smells, endorphins, goat bells and warm breezes, beads of sweat and the best bloomin’ picnics you’ve ever tasted. Meeting new people and sharing your journey with them, makes for the freshest and most enjoyable type of experience.

Whether you choose to go for our small-guided parties of around 6 to 15 people or decide to ride self-guided with friends or family, our hand-picked destinations and routes, led by local experts, are designed to make sure everyone has an incredible time.