The ultimate guide to long haul adventures in early 2018

We’re setting our sights towards 2018 and our range of far-flung destinations, in eager anticipation of wonderfully warm weather and unique cultural experiences! For your chance to escape on two wheels early next year, take a look at some of our favourite trips…

Best for: those eager to escape early in 2018
Destinations: The Lake District, Chile and Argentina or Volcanes Y Playas, Costa Rica 
We say: Celebrating New Year on a bike in one of the above exotic postcodes, has surely got to be up there as a must-do experience! For palm fringed beaches and exotic wildlife we recommend you check out the natural wonder that is Costa Rica, or for timeless scenery that looks like it could have rubbed shoulders with the dinosaurs we can’t rate Chile and Argentina enough.

Best for: those who want to head away for a late winter getaway…
Destinations: Cuban RevolutionsCuban Wheels or Hidden treasures of Laos 

We say: Cuba got trendy in the past couple of years but don’t let its newly found claim to fame put you off! Our holidays here head deep into the rural heart of the island, for a unique look at the countries fascinating way of life. Alternatively, you could head off on an Asian adventure where ethereal waterfalls and Buddhist temples are waiting to greet you en route.