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Road Cycling Holiday Inspiration

What exactly are you looking for from your road cycling holiday? Are you new to cycling and looking for an introduction to the ways of the road? Do you want to try your hand in the mountains for the first time? Maybe you're an experienced cycle tourist with a looking to take on a long distance journey, or, perhaps you fancy yourself as bit of a "grimpeur" and you're looking for a challenge in the high mountains?

Whatever your preferred flavour, we have something for everyone. So whether you're a wine-loving country-lane-cruiser or hardened roadie purist with a lust for high altitude climbs and heart-stopping descents, you need look no further. Click on the tabs below to see what's on offer and choose anything from the quiet country lanes of the United Kingdom to the best European high mountains passes. Time to be inspired... .

Best of British

Short weekend breaks and lengthier challenge rides explore the best British landscapes…


Sunshine, sand, sea, islands, coastlines and cycling...

Iconic Journeys

Long distance place to place challenges in the UK and Europe

Mountain Challenges

Experience some of the most famous and challenging climbs…

Intro to the Road

Put you road skills to the test in our range of accessible tours…

For the Adventurous

Travel further afield and explore some of the world's most exotic road cycling destinations...