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Family Cycling Grades

Choose the Right Grade!

The grades are guidelines based on our experience and customer feedback. They are intended to help you choose a holiday that best matches your ability, fitness level and family’s cycling experience.

We grade all our holidays based on a combination of level of physical challenge, distances, and the type and difficulty of the route covered. The trip notes contain information about terrain and daily mileage.

If you are not sure about the grade of a trip that you like the look of, or would like to chat to someone for more details about what to expect, please give us a call.

Contact us on +44 (0)191 265 1110 to discuss and help us steer your family in the right direction.

If you are not sure about the grade of a trip that you like the look of, or would like to chat to someone for more details about what to expect, please give us a call.

Grade 0 ~ Mellow

For those looking for a very accessible cycling holiday or a really laidback break, mainly on the flat with some gentle slopes. Short distances of between 10-20 miles / 15-35 kms per day.


Grade 1 ~ Easy

For the infrequent cyclist mainly on the flat with gentle slopes. Distances of between 15-25 miles / 25-40 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

Maybe your brand new to cycling or keen to give it a go. Perhaps the area you live doesn’t lend itself to novice riders and you‘re looking for an opportunity to try some quiet roads or cyclepaths or a more active alternative to your usual holiday. For those new to cycling or looking for a more relaxed trip when we recommend our grade 1 trips.

Grade 2 ~ Gentle

For the leisure cyclist who exercises regularly. Will include some steeper cheeky climbs. Distances of between 20-40 miles / 35-65 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

Although you may not cycle very regularly you keep yourself relatively fit and do enjoy a few hours on your bike now and then. Although your preference is for flatter terrain you don’t mind the occasional steeper climb. If you have all day available to you and you are happy covering up to 40 miles. If this sounds like you then you might enjoy our grade 2 trips.

Grade 3 ~ Moderate

For those who cycle regularly. Includes some steep climbs and distances of between 25-50 miles / 40-80 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You ride quite regularly and enjoy cycling as one of your forms of exercise. Weekends can occasionally see you spending the day in the saddle exploring routes which take in some steep climbs. If you‘re generally fit and manage to ride regularly, this could be the level for you.

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