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Family Cycling Holidays

Skedaddle Family Holidays – Simple steps to help you make the right choice.

Family cycling holidays are great fun for all ages, levels of experience and fitness and choosing the right holiday for you will ensure you have a fantastic time. The following questions and extra information should help you find the perfect holiday.

Where do you want to go?

We have family cycling holidays in many different destinations, so whether you are looking to go cycling the UK or Europe we have it covered. Using the destination search in the top left of our website will help you find the right destination for you and your family.

When do you want to go?

Our family cycling holidays depart all year round, with the majority scheduled around school holidays so whenever you are looking to travel, we will have somewhere for you to explore. Check the handy table in our Family Ride Guide which shows you which holidays are available in each of the school holidays or use the website search to check availability online.

Is this holiday suitable for your family?

We grade all our holidays based on a combination of level of physical challenge, distances, and the type and difficulty of the route covered so the first step is to use our grading system to choose a holiday that matches your level of fitness and the degree of challenge that you are looking for.

On our website and in the Trip Notes you’ll find information about terrain and daily mileages and on all of our family cycling holidays you’ll find a paragraph specific to each holiday telling you more about the level of experience you’ll need for the routes to ensure that you all enjoy the cycling experience.

Children’s prices and discounts

As we are well aware, costs soon add up when you are bringing the whole family on holiday. With this in mind, we offer children’s discounts on our family holidays so as to ensure you get the best value for money. Discounts are usually offered on the basis that the child is travelling with two fully paying adults. The discounts differ from holiday to holiday and can vary based on the size of your family and the rooming arrangements. More information is available in the Trip Notes for each holiday or contact us for specific details based on your family requirements and holiday choice.

Please note that discounts will not show in your initial booking but they will be applied by the Travel Consultant looking after your holiday when your booking is confirmed.

Minimum Ages

On all of our family cycling holidays you’ll see recommended minimum ages for young people cycling independently (with you but on their own bike). Details of the minimum ages for those using tag-a-longs and trailers can be found in the Trip Notes for each holiday. Our recommended ages are based on our experience but you know your family better than anyone else and if you are interested in taking a particular tour with younger children, then please do call us for a chat.

Bike Hire

If you don’t own suitable bikes or would prefer to avoid bringing your own we have bikes available to hire. The adult bikes are typically hybrid bikes with semi slick tyres and a relaxed riding position and usually come with pannier racks and bags, emergency repair kit including spare inner tubes, bike pump and bike lock. We also have a range of smaller bikes and accessories for younger cyclists. So whatever your bike requirements, we’ve got it covered! Full bike hire prices are available on the family cycling holiday pages on website and in the Trip Notes. For those just getting into their cycling, our holidays are a great opportunity to try out a trailer or tag-a-long and to find out just what is right for you.

As always, if you have any questions or want further information then contact us on +44 (0)191 265 1110 or at info@skedaddle.co.uk to discuss the holidays and help us steer your family in the right direction.