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Holidays that move you
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New Year

Do you want to spend your New Year's Eve in a crowded bar paying over the odds for a pint or nursing a warm glass of Champagne at another boring house party?

Well neither do we! Skedaddlers will be celebrating all over the world in the inimitable skedaddle style; on their bikes, in the bar and in amazing locations - why don't you join them?

So, put the sound of Big Ben behind you and see in the New Year somewhere exotic and exciting with a bunch of like-minded people and a bit of a Skedaddle attitude.

SPAIN, mountain biking

The last trail of the day is a favourite, a section of fantastic singletrack running along a beautiful ridge surrounded by dramatic views, as the sun slowly sinks. The smooth, flowing, trail takes us all the way to the pretty village of El Burgo for celebratory sundowners on the hotel terrace.

We feast on succulently cooked game - a traditional New Years Eve Dinner, before the whole village spills out into the square for the much loved Cotellon, where you have to eat a grape for each of the twelve chimes to midnight and wash it down with cava!

PORTUGAL, mountain biking

After a brilliant days biking, we welcome in a New Year at the village of Castelo de Vide with a reveillon dinner including singing (and comedy if our guide Antonio joins in!) and dancing, and at the stroke of midnight gaze to the heavens for a firework display Portuguese-style.


Moroccans LOVE a festival and New Year is no different! So, this New Year we'll be heading to a secret location in downtown Tafraoute, Anti-Atlas Mountains, for a good old Moroccan knees-up involving copious amounts of food and drink, complete with local Berber "drum & bass" outfit. Fancy joining us after a hard day in the saddle?

CHILE & ARGENTINA, mountain biking

Make sure you pack your yellow underwear. In Chile the tradition of wearing bright yellow undies is said to bring good fortune for the New Year and eating a few lentils will bring you prosperity. So, once we've had a gorgeous meal (with some obligatory lentils) and checked your underwear, we'll head to the shores of Lago Villarica to watch the firework display.

COSTA RICA, road or mountain biking

The tranquillity and relaxed atmosphere of Samara is seductive. The coastal strip is beautiful with an abundance of wildlife, including the ubiquitous howler monkey and, if we're very lucky, the odd crocodile or two.

On New Year's Eve we head to Carrillo Beach, seven km away, for some body surfing and to join the locals in celebrating the New Year with a typical Costa Rican barbecue on the beach. At midnight the skies light up with an amazing fireworks display. At New Year many Costa Ricans throw a pan of water over their shoulder, with a belief that it will leave behind all hard and bitter memories of the past year. It can also come in handy if the fireworks have got out of hand!