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Who We Are

Adam, looks after the sales team and our long haul trips.

Rides: Giant Defy Composite1

I love my bike because it goes fast and matches my sunglasses.

Best bit:

Cycling along the quayside in on a sunny day past all Newcastle's bridges.

Worst bit:

Trying to race David and crashing!

Andrew, one of the original founding Skedaddlers, does a bit of marketing too.

Rides: Giant Trance X 29er XL

Even looks big for me!

Best bit:

Nipping past any roadies I see and the fact it is a traffic free route all the way from the coast.

Worst bit:

Getting a flat and realising the inner tubes in my bag are too small for my wheels - doh!

Tim, makes sure all our UK trips run smoothly.

Rides: An old ex-hire Giant TCR

It was in Sardinia so it's been on more Skedaddle trips than me.

Best bit:

Getting some exercise and seeing the change of the seasons.

Worst bit:

Arriving and realising you've no trousers to change into.

Kerry, looks after our UK road weekends and a selection of European trips.

Rides: A steel hand-built Surly Crosscheck

Built for comfort and style but mostly speed!

Best bit:

Eating lots of food because I've earned 21 miles worth of calories on the ride in!

Worst bit:

The slow ride home because I ate more calories than I earned! Oops.

David, manages all things road at Skedaddle.

Rides: Depends on the weather, but normally my Giant TCR on the sunny days.

Best bit:

Getting to work before Tim and wearing his trousers.

Worst bit:

The cycle path along the River Tyne where the gaps between the paving stones are precisely 1mm wider than a 23C road bike tyre!

Paul, the other half of the original Skedaddlers.

Rides: Giant Anthem X1

Best bit:

Heading through the beautiful Jesmond Dene is a lovely way to start the day.

Worst bit:

Realising that my daughter has borrowed my helmet and I have to wear her One Direction one.

Emma, all things marketing.

Rides: Specialized Tri Cross bike

It gets me along trails, tracks and roads without any problems, but is in desperate need of being made prettier, not too many 'cross bikes out there for girls yet!

Best bit:

I can be at work in less than 10 minutes, means the 'I slept in' excuse is relatively redundant.

Worst bit:

Nobody really likes to see helmet hair in the workplace.

James, looks after our UK supported trips.

Rides: An old bobby's bike, much older than I am.

Bikes are a bit of a reflection of seniority at Skedaddle, so you won't be surprised to hear that I'm the newest member of the team! I'm a bit of a history buff, and this bike certainly has plenty.

Best bit:

Crossing the Millenium Bridge every day - fab views, rain or shine.

Worst bit:

When it rains more than it shines!

Lizzie, manages our family cycling holidays and our Meet the People tours we run with Traidcraft.

Rides: An ex-hire Giant XTC.

Best bit:

It's downhill all the way to work in the morning!

Worst bit:

The spray from icy puddles going up your back in winter.

Alison, looks after our UK self-guided trips and also our Shepherds Walks holidays.

Rides: A Raleigh Stow Away.

Best bit:

I love the fresh air of the Quayside after leaving a stuffy train.

Worst bit:

Leaving my helmet on the train and seeing it head to Edinburgh.

Olly, focuses on the business development side of things.

Rides: Felt F3X cyclocross bike.

Best bit:

Compared to my old commute (an hour by train and on foot) my new one is fab - 15 minutes of really lovely cycling, which even includes a bit of singletrack on some days.

Worst bit:

Not being able to read/snooze/gaze out of the window on the way home anymore.

Matt, manages all our mountain biking product in UK and Europe.

Rides: Giant Trance X1

Complete with about half a kilo of Scottish mud!

Best bit:

Starting and finishing the day on a high, especially when the 'short-cuts' are all too tempting.

Worst bit:

The aroma of wet socks drying on the radiator on a rainy day!

Kay, looks after our European leisure and family trips.

Rides: What is my bike?..a foldy shopper perhaps? It's called Jack.

I love it because it's super-fast! NOT. But it's small and orange and lets me sit upright all the time. Lots of bits have fallen off over the years but it's still going strong!

Best bit:

Friends in the office who pump up my tyres.

Worst bit:

Pushing it up Byker Bank on the way home!